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CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 95
Looking for 3 active players. 

We'll be on 6.2 within an hour.   Currently 63rd on the leaderboards.   Will probably finish on the top 100 somewhere.   We will probably never be a top 10 team.   We want to enjoy life too. 

We are from all around the globe.   We flare a lot.   We have fun.   We like to contribute to the boards.   If you're selfish,  we're not the team for you.   We do like to incorporate the events in as well. 

Looking for players who will contribute to Raiders,  whisperers,  and all safehouses that the boards call for.   In a regular season we normally finish between tier 20 and 22.

If interested,  just click the link below,  or comment here if you have questions

Please join my group in TWD:Our World! Click here to join:


  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 95
    On 7.3 now.  Could still use 3 more players
  • SpodidySpodidy Member Posts: 1
    what requirements does the group have? 
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 95
    We'd like to see you get 10k kills a week.   If you miss the mark a little one week,  it's ok.   If you're gonna be busy and you give us a heads up,  that's ok too.  We're pretty relaxed,  but competitive if that makes sense
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 95
    We're on 9.3, making the push to finish the mini season on 10.

    Can use 3 players.   If you want some good EOS rewards,  and a fun team,  feel free to join
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 95
    4 spots open.  On tier 13
  • Carl_twdCarl_twd Member Posts: 2
    “It’s A Great team with international players. So there are flares for everyone to play with at most times of the day. 
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