Keep checking my location. Why?

leejierleejier Member Posts: 8
First : I am already double check the Setting + privacy + location is ON
second : It can’t found like apps, Allow While Using Apps (POKEMON GO) 

You know what I mean? From Setting direct to Apps, can’t found location. Is that problem? How to fix it. Already reinstall Twice.


  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 458
    What device and OS version are you using 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 458
    Also copying this from an old post you replied to. Please only post on current threads or create a single new thread as this allows us to keep important information and responses in one place and makes sure you get accurate information.

    @leejier I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the game. Here are some things you can try.

    Check the App/Play Store for the latest Update 16.0 and install if you have not already done so

    Close out the app completely, restart your phone (If Android device go to settings>apps>ourworld>storage and clear your cache  [do not clear data] and restart device)

    Check to make sure you location services are enabled for Our World and your location services is on.

    Connect to a different method of data either cellular or WiFi to see if that changes anything.

    If none of the above help please sent an in game support message through the FAQ & Contact button in the Player Profile section of the game. Support will get back to you as soon as they possibly can. Hours are usually Finland time so depending on where you are it might take a bit longer. 
  • leejierleejier Member Posts: 8
    iPhone 7plus, and IOS 14
  • leejierleejier Member Posts: 8
    Is updated, 16.0 version and deleted reinstall, still the same.
    is that possible the game Data gone? Regarding location. I already email for help.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 458
    The game data isn't gone.  I have no issues personally with the location access or Missions showing on the map though I am on Android.  I know other iOS players who are not experiencing that issue either so the Game Data isn't the issue.  

    I am going to see if I can get some more specific iOS information as obviously I am not familiar with the set up and permissions on iOS
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