Token Event: Party Week

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Party Week

During this special Party Week event, you will earn Party Tokens by taking down Spiked Walkers and/or Armored Walkers in Encounters, Rescue Missions or Infestations. Exchange Party Tokens in the Party Week Shop for Skull Tokens, Legendary and Epic card draw packs, or unlock The Governor, Merle or the Reclaimer Shotgun!

However, there is even more to this week than meets the eye!

Each day will have an extra special event running from 08.00 UTC to 08.00 UTC the following day:
  • June 7th - June 8th: 1 Energy Infestation Stages
  • June 8th - June 9th: Double Cards from Rare and Epic Missions
  • June 9th - June 10th: Roamer Fest - Increased free roam duration and speed!
  • June 10th - June 11th: Extra Survivor in Rescue Missions
  • June 11th - June 12th: Double Cards from Rare and Epic Missions which will cost 2 energy
  • June 12th - June 14th: Spiked & Armored Walkers galore!
Event Dates
Starts on Monday, June 7th at 08:00 UTC and ends on Monday, June 14th at 08:00 UTC.
Party Tokens

Earn 15 Party Tokens for every Armored Walker killed and 30 Party Tokens for every Spiked Walker killed. Only kills in Encounters, Rescue Missions or Infestations give Tokens.

Event Offers

Minimum Level Requirements
Event is only available for players level 5 or above.
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