Map randomly not showing missions

asiatikiasiatiki Member Posts: 1
edited June 8 in Game Issues
Since the big 16.0 update my bf and I would sometime get blank maps and we need to restart the game in order for the spawns to appear. 

It happens randomly and even though we are playing side by side, sometimes I would see missions while his map would be totally blank and vice-versa. 

I noticed it happens more often when I get out of a flare while in a moving vehicle - but not aways. 

It also happens while free roaming (I know because I’m pretty familiar with the map in my area)

Sometimes we can play for an hour without any issue and other times it happens every couple of minutes. It is very annoying!

We are both on iOS 14.6.

P.S. It seems to happen more frequently when I switch to and from another app like discord
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