Why aren’t infests counting towards points

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Playing early this morning we had infests to finish on tier 17 I killed several and didn’t move in points and noticed someone who was low in pints had killed 176 of them however they did not move up at all… so testing now we are on tier 18 I did infest and did not move in points and thought well maybe a delay…however naded some heavies for tile and got points for it… went back and did an infest for tile 18 and scored 4 battles for the tile and again nothing…. What is the issue with infests not counting


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    @Remorah I do know that the number of  walkers/battles/Missions per tile that are needed to be completed for the points to increase are different for each tile based on its requirements.  The tiles all have the same point value so a tile that requires a higher number of what ever the task is will take longer for points to change due to percentages. 

    Ex.  Build 4 Armories vs Kill 1,000 Regular Walkers.  Your points will jump with every Armory built  but with the Walkers you might have to play multiple missions before you reach the number of Walkers killed that will cause your points to increase. 

    If you feel that the above situation is not related to the issue you shared could you screen record this taking place and send it to support through an in game support message. This will allow them to look into this for you. 

    I recommend making sure that your screen recording shows both the points on the tile before and after along with the points before and after another mission type  so that they can see how the points are behaving differently. 
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    First of all: this contribution leaderboard sucks as you get points for completing every 1% of tiles
    2nd: the points when you contribute from 0,01% till 0,99 % are lost in the triangle of Bermuda. 
    3rd: the points are not always assigned as soon you get the 1% , usually you get your points after clearing the board
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    NG should review this leaderboard and they need to assign all the points also if it’s only 1 point
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    2) This would lead to fraction of points and the totals would be off, ever do a bank reconciliation, those pennies are annoying.
    3) You earn points when the challenge objective is done, no points earned unless it's done.  It's all or nothing.
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    I find the points only updte after you close the game and restart...
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