Season Details: The New Beginning

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The New Beginning Season

A new Group Board Season has just started - The New Beginning! With the start of the season, Group Boards 2.0 are active! In this new Group Board setup Groups are able to climb the Tiers indefinitely, gathering increasingly larger rewards as they climb. Placing on the Top 200 Group Leaderboard will earn your group high value Group rewards.

Additionally, from the start of this Season, rewards for all missions have been improved.
Group Board Rounds:
All Rounds begin at 12:00 UTC:
  • Round 1: August 12th
  • Round 2: August 19th
  • Round 3: August 26th
  • Round 4: September 2nd
  • Round 5: September 9th
  • Round 6: September 16th
Season ends September 22nd.
Season Shop
How to earn Season Tokens

You can collect Season Tokens throughout the entire Season by completing Group Boards.
You will be able to earn enough Season Tokens to unlock Legendary Daryl's Revolver by completing Tier 19 (board 3) or by completing Tier 14 (board 2) and by collecting the maximum amount of tokens from the 2 events coming later in the Season.
Season Shop Offers

This Season will also introduce a new Pass!

Known Issue
After completing the following Boards  Tiers 21.3, 31.3, 41.3, 51.3 and so on, you will be unable to collect the Board Rewards for these Boards as you will encounter a 3 dot loading screen. Please fully close out and relaunch your game to resolve the 3 dot loading screen. The rewards will not be available upon reload. Please do not contact Support about this issue.

Support Token will be sent to you in a few days as compensation for the missing Board Rewards. These Support Tokens  can be exchanged in the Shop for the Board Completed Packs you have missed, please stay in your group until you have received your compensation. Changing groups before the compensation has been sent introduces the risk of not receiving them


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    Hello everyone!

    Please note that we are unable to share graphic versions of the Season Boards  due to the new way the Group Board 2.0 feature functions.

    Stay safe!
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