New Weapon: Legendary Daryl's Revolver

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Legendary Daryl's Revolver

Daryl's Revolver is a Legendary Pistol, which starts at 100 Power and is strong against Slim Walkers. It has 8 mods:
  • 2x Explosive Bullets.
  • 2x Rapid Reload: -15% shorter reload time.
  • 2x Slayer: +15% damage against walkers.
  • 1 Finisher: +10% damage against damaged enemies.
  • 1x Crippling Shot: Leg shots slow down the enemy for +2 seconds. Whisperers are immune.
Daryl's Revolver can be unlocked in the Season Shop with Season Tokens. Check the Season details for more information.

Explosive Bullet Mod is the latest mod to be added to Our World and strengthens Daryl's Revolver with a 10% chance of firing a devastating explosive bullet.

Card information per level can be seen here:
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