Milestone Event: For Blood

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Milestone Event: For Blood

A new event type has joined the roster of events in Our World with the Milestone Event: For Blood!

What is a Milestone Event?
A Milestone Event consists of 12 different tasks, found in the "Missions" tab, for players to complete to earn Survivor Medals. Complete the event tasks of your choosing to earn Survivor Medals. Survivor Medals will unlock rewards on the new Event Pass - found under the Battle Pass tab. For the most courageous, there are 4 extra challenging bonus tasks you can complete to earn extra rewards - including XP! The 4 bonus tasks give specific rewards and do not give Survivor Medals towards the Event Pass.

To start the Milestone Event, you must have the Battle Pass system unlocked, for new players this means completing the “Beginner Pass” to unlock this event.

Event Pass:
Collect Survivor Medals by completing tasks in the Milestone Event. The more tasks you complete the more medals you can earn to unlock reward milestones on the Event Pass. A Premium version of the Event Pass will also be available for purchase in the shop to increase your Event Pass Rewards.
The amount of earned rewards for reaching a milestone are based on your Player Level at the start of this event. If you level up during the event you will continue to receive rewards based on your Player Level from the start of the event. Make sure you level up before the event for better rewards! 

Earn: Survivor Medals per each task completed. Check the list of Event tasks on the Missions Menu and Event tab.

Dates: Beginning at your first login between Thursday, October 7th at 08:00 UTC and Thursday, October 14th at 08:00 UTC and running for 7 days.
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