Weapon Mod Spotlight Event - Overpower Mod

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Weapon Mod Spotlight Event

The Weapon Mod Spotlight Event is back! An event which puts the spotlight on a particular mod in the game for a limited duration. So use the mod in the spotlight before it's too late!

The Overpower mod will be the second to get the spotlight treatment! During this time, the Overpower mod will be given +70% damage (instead of +35%), per mod activated, against Walkers if the weapon is strong against them.

Eg. The top reward from the Milestone Event, Legendary Daryl's Crossbow, with 1 Overpower mod activated, will do an additional 70% damage to Armored Walkers (strong against)!

So activate those "Overpower" mods, by using mod tokens, and clear out the Walkers!

Weapons "Overpower" mod is available on:
  • Legendary Daryl's Crossbow
  • Legendary Assassin Bow
  • Epic Ocelot SMG
  • Epic Rogue Bow
  • Rare Cougar SMG
  • Rare Outlaw Bow
  • Common Rebel Assault Rifle
Monday, October 11th at 08:00 UTC to Monday, October 18th at 08:00 UTC.
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