Sneak Peek - 18.0 - Patch Notes

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A new update will soon be released - 18.0! Take a sneak peek at the Patch notes below! 

What’s new in 18.0?

We have been sprucing things up for the Holidays and carefully packaging some special treats for all of you.

Portrait Collection

A Portrait Collection feature is being added to the game [after 17.1 shutdown]!

You will now be able to select a separate Portrait (player profile picture) and Avatar (Character on the Map) for use in Our World. Portraits will continue to be visible to all players throughout the game while your Avatar will be visible on the map only to you. If you decide not to select a portrait to show, your Avatar selection will continue to show throughout the game as usual.

Seasonal Portraits, to add to your new Portrait Collection section, can be unlocked through in game events, the shops, giveaways and more.

To access this new feature, and to change your avatar and portrait, select the image in the upper left hand corner of any game screen, then select the profile tab and then the green edit button under your portrait.  In the portrait section you will be able to select a new image as well as a background color for your portrait. The Avatar section will contain all the Heroes you can play as on the Map. The more Heroes you unlock, the more avatar options you will have!

Energy Booster Consumable

A new consumable has been added to the game - Energy Booster.

Energy Boosters will be available in the shop for purchase. If you buy or receive an Energy Booster while one is already active, this will extend the duration by the indicated amount. The Energy Booster timer will not pause while playing missions, or if you close the game.

Activating the Energy Booster will allow you to play all missions for 0 energy costs for the length of the Energy Booster. During this time frame your energy costs within missions will show as 0 and the time remaining on the Energy Booster will be visible in the upper part of your screen under your total energy.

The Energy Booster will not  be available at Update release, so keep an eye on the shop for its surprise appearance!

New Card Rarity: Mythic

Season 23 brings the Mythic card rarity type to Our World. The first Mythic weapon will be released this season and will have a special, never before seen, ability.

More information will be available at the start of the season on the specific details of the first weapon release of this new rarity.

Along with bug fixes and performance improvements.
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