State of Decay - 19 openings (very casual)

CplZoeCplZoe Member Posts: 1
State of Decay

19 available

No minimum level, but we do have members up to level 31.

No play requirements at this time

We do have a FB group but communication is in-game lately

We used to be a full group of very active players, but the pandemic has taken its toll and we’ve lost people due to inactivity. We are uninterested in moving to another group; this is our thing we built. We really just like to play and we’re very casual about it. We never spend money unless we just feel like it. As the tribe leader, I am declaring it will never be expected of the members. Please come strengthen our group!



  • Rabbit7Rabbit7 Member Posts: 1
    We had a full group a while ago, but are very active. Would you guys like to join our group and finish even better in the challenges. 
    Rick's Awakening
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