$3.99 Mid Game Robbery!!!!

AudraAudra Member Posts: 1
This has to do with the $3.99 game that one has to get achievements within 6 hrs to earn medals to get the rewards!!!!  There is NO ACHIEVEMENTS...NO 6 HRS.....NO MEDALS AND YHERE EVIDENTLY NO DAMN WAY TO GET THE REWARDS THAT ARE OVER ON THE RIGHT!!!!!  THIS IS ROBBERY!!!!!  YOU ALL DI D THIS LADT MONTH AND MY ASS HAS A LIFE!!!!!  I COULDN'T BE ON EVERY 6 HOURS!!!!  THE WAY I SEE IT IS I PAID FOR THEM AND I WANT MY REWARDS!!!!!!  TELL ME HOW IN THE HELL CAN I EARN MEDALS THAT ARE NOT THERE TO GET TO THE REWARDS THST ARE THERE????!!!!!!!!  I am going to say this because this is the 2nd time that this d*** game has taken my $3.99 for them stupid awards. Everyday you headed up there so we can achieve medals so that we can get those little rewards over there by doing those daily things of accomplishments and achievements well there are no more medals to be to be collected there are 3 days left and I have only gotten halfway through and I cannot get any of the rewards or do any of achievementss to earn the medals below in that $3.99 thing that you guys charged instead of paying $19.99 to do all of those rewards!!!!!
 I could only afford the $3.99 and you freaking robbed me again because I can't get half the rewards cause I there are no medals to be achieved!!!!  Yes I am p***** off!!!


  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 315
    Hi @Audra, I believe you're referring to the Event pass. The event linked to it lasted about a week and is indeed no longer active. If you have purchased your Event pass after the event ended, please reach out to our support team. We'd be happy to verify and correct that for you.

    To reach out to the support, open your game and tap on your Profile picture, then "Settings" > "FAQs & Contact" at the bottom. This would open the list of FAQs and you should see the contact button icon in the upper right corner. Please send us a message there explaining the situation and we'll get back to you shortly. 
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