Sneak Peek - 18.3 - Patch Notes 👀

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Hi Survivors!

We've been talking about the new release for a while now and as we are almost there I thought we should give you a little sneak peek!

What’s new in 18.3?

This update brings some long-requested features, quality of life improvements and the possibility to earn Legendary Cards when you max out your Mythic Cards!

🔫New Mythic Weapon
More info coming with the next regular Season! Stay tuned.

📌Pin your Favorite Cards
This release provides you with the ability to pin your favorite cards at the top of the card selection, making it easy to select your preferred Weapons and Heroes.  

Pinned cards are displayed at the top of your card collection as well as in the card selection screen before any Mission. The feature unlocks at Player level 4 and allows you to pin up to 3 cards of your choice. While you can pin any Hero or Weapon, note that Perks cannot be pinned.  

To pin or unpin a card, go to your collection, preview your preferred card and tap the 'Favorite' heart icon on the upper left-hand side of the screen. Pinned Cards can be unpinned or re-pinned at any time!

Filtering continues to work as normal, with the exception that pinned cards will always show at the top regardless of the active filter
We hope that this feature helps support you on your quests, saving you time looking for the perfect card combo.

🏃‍♀️Jumping from Flare to Flare
With the 18.3 release, you have the ability to jump between Flares without having to go back to your primary location.

How does it work?
Once in a Flare location, open the Flare menu and tap ‘Travel’ on any other available location - this will directly send you there, without having to travel back! To get back to your original map location, simply select ‘Return’ at the bottom of the Flare list. You can jump between Flares as many times as you want as long as the Flare locations are still available. There’s no limitation to the number of Flare locations players can visit daily/weekly.

🔥Temporary Talent Boost
A new Event type is landing in Our World - Temporary Talent Boost event. Talent Boost events allow you to temporarily unlock additional Hero Talents or Weapon Mods to boost your performance in Missions.  

How to unlock Temporary Talents?
Temporary Talents and Mods are only available during Talent Boost Events. Each Talent Boost Event will be focused on temporarily unlocking a specific set of Talents or Mods for your cards. Temporary Talents and Mods cannot be activated outside these events.

These Temporary Talents and Mods follow the usual order and require you to first max out your existing Hero Talents and Weapon Mods. Activating each Temporary Talent or Mod costs Training or Upgrade tokens, with the exact cost depending on the card type and rarity. Note that activating Temporary Talents or Mods cannot be undone, your Training and Upgrade tokens will be consumed at the time of activation and would not be returned once the Temporary Talent or Mods expire.

Both Heroes and Weapons can be temporarily boosted and can have multiple Temporary Talent Boosts active at a time as long as the current Temporary Talent Boost event allows it.

⬆️New levels for Common and Rare Cards
With the release of 18.3, the max level for Common and Rare Cards has been increased as follows:

  • Common Cards: max level 30

  • Rare Cards: max level 28

This should help you bring the power of Common and Rare Cards closer to Epic Cards.

🆙New maximum Player Level 
With this update, the maximum player level has also been increased from 35 to level 40.

🟩Mythic Cards
Remember when we mentioned that we are reworking the Mythic Cards system? Well, that's ready now! This is something for future consideration, with the release of 18.3 laying the foundation of that system: Receiving any Mythic cards that you've previously maxed out, will award you Legendary cards instead. This is something that has been suggested before so the opportunity to get a higher rarity card is not "wasted" and you can continue unlocking more cards. With this change, we also expect Mythic cards to become more available in the future. 

📰In-game News Improvement: Events Duration 
After updating the app, the exact duration of any currently running event is displayed in the upper left corner of its in-game news. Note that event times are always shown in UTC for easier time conversion. This should make it easier to preview your events and plan ahead.

🎨New Whisperer Camp Icon
Whisperer Camps have a fresh new look! Based on your feedback that Whisperer Camps looked too similar to Infestations, we have now updated the Whisperer Camp icon to have its unique style. This should help you distinguish the missions right away:

This and more coming later this week, along with bug fixes and other improvements!

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