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Hello everyone, Hello Morgen,

first of all: Everything I read in the patchnotes sounds great. A lot of QoL improvements. Thank you for this!

But I also have a few questions:

⬆️New levels for Common and Rare Cards
With the release of 18.3, the max level for Common and Rare Cards has been increased as follows:

  • Common Cards: max level 30

  • Rare Cards: max level 28

This should help you bring the power of Common and Rare Cards closer to Epic Cards.


This sounds great. Does the upgrade requirements follow the normal pattern?

Common: 11.000 / 12.000 / 13.000 / 14.000 cards
Rare: 8.000 / 9.000 / 10.000 / 11.000 cards

If so there are 50.000 cards for each common card and 38.000 cards for each rare card to collect, which means you need to collect an additional 1.050.000 common cards and 646.000 rare cards. Furthermore you won't get any coins for those cards which means upgrading an existing card is now way expensive then it was before. Or did you lower the neccacery card amount immensive? 

What I mean is: For the "old" levels you needed for a common card 67.186 cards and for a rare 48.186 cards. This means the progress for a common cards will be "reduced" from 100% to ~57,5% and for a rare card to ~55,9% which also means a lot lesser coins for a long period of time.

Did you consider this in your planning? Are we collecting more coins during normal missions? Or do you follow a new pattern? Maybe some explanation would be nice here ;-) 

My second thought on the sneak peak:

🟩Mythic Cards
Remember when we mentioned that we are reworking the Mythic Cards system? Well, that's ready now! With the release of 18.3, receiving any Mythic cards that you've maxed out, will now award you Legendary cards instead of Coins. This is something that has been suggested before and should help you unlock more cards and progress further in the game. With this change, we also expect Mythic cards to become more available in the future. 


This also sounds great, but… how do we collect mystic cards beside the normal season tokens and top 10 season ranking?


IMHO: This update sounds great. But I have the fear that the gap between top 10 and top 20 will raise more and more.

Best regards




    That was my concern about raising the levels of common and rare, that cripples coin intake, million or so cards more to collect without any good deterministic farming. It will still be years of not being able to use rare and common due to weakness from PPL, and we'll have to save coins for months to level a single rare because we'll have our regular coin intake reduced by more than 50% easily *this is obviously an estimate. Fumpi is the math guy.
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    I just found some notes in my archive and will do 

    Fumpi is the math guy.
    some more math ;) 

    I got my last rare card (hero) on the 6.12.2021. What I don't find are my notes regarding perks and weapons, but as the heros are the last thing I got full, this should be okay for this example.

    On the 6. december 2021 I had 281.660 missions completed (so it needed 281.660 missions for me to get every rare card in the game, except Heth..)

    This 281.660 are now 55,9% progress, so there are still 44,1% progress to do which means there are round about 124.212 Missions to go to get every rare card in the game full again (and earn coins to upgrade those cards... even my wife who plays way faster and got her last rare card around half a year earlier has not upgraded every card she wants yet, neither I have upgraded everything I want / needed yet).

    So with this 124.212 missions completed needed to collect every card, everyone should be able to calculate how long he / she needs to collect those cards. Just divide this number with your weekly completed missions and you'll get the months needed.

    In my case.. well.. over the last half year my mission completed dropped to around 1.8 mc / week.

    So 124.212 / 1800 = 69 month = another 5,75 Years = ridiculous

    Of course, this maybe only fits for "casual" players. And of course those top 10 players will progress way faster. But this game isn't only about those players.

    Possible solutions:

    In my eyes there are several possible solutions for this:

    1. Increase the amount of cards you'll get from higher missions significant

    Everyone knows the problem: You play some infestations, maybe around level 33, 34, 35 but you still get lesser coins (which means lesser cards) then you get from an infestation level 22, 23 or so.

    So why don't you rethink your mission reward system? Maybe a static reward which will raise significant with each level + a dynamic random reward?
    Simple example: For an infestation level 21 you will get 42 common and 21 rare cards + a random amount of "bonus" cards and coins. For an infestation level 33 you will get 66 common cards and 33 rare cards + 16 epic cards + a random amount of bonus cards and coins.
    Of course this should fit on every mission type.

    You see the epic cards for a normal infestation there?
    Well… if you play higher missions you should be rewarded for this.

    A simple formula could be for an infestation:
    Mission level x 2 = common cards
    Mission level x 1 = rare cards
    If an infestation is higher then 30:
    Mission level x 0.5 = epic cards
    If an infestation is higher then 35:
    Mission level x 0.1 = legendary cards

    As it is now, there isn't really a need to play "higher" missions, cause there is no really benefit for it...

     2. decrease the amount of cards which are needed to upgrade the new levels:

    This should be self explained. Just decrease the amount of needed cards for the new levels by 10 or so

    3. A new perk which will increase the amount of reward you'll get overall:

    Maybe this could be an additional solution. A perk which will increase the amount of reward by 15% to 20% each level. But even if it would double the output of cards, it would take me nearly 3 years to collect every card (again…).


    I think a mix of all of my solution ideas would be ideal here, cause you will not only resolve the new problem, some old problems will also be solved by this (epic / legendary card output for all players would be increased etc.)

    But maybe… you had another idea and already thinked about the problem which will occur when you will release the new common and rare levels.

    Best regards 

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    My question is: Mythics currently max out at level 10 372 power on the spreadsheet.(is the spreadsheet wrong?)  

    My guess is level 28 rares will be 363 power so our mythics will be at most a smidge better.  Where our epics can go to 416 and legendaries to 5xx. Mythics should at least be better than epics before they max out. 
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    Ultimately they will be.  Obviously card rarities are constantly evolving and  being increased as players advance.  Right now Mythics max out at level 10 (372 power) and will have a mechanism that when maxed will provide players with Legendary Cards instead of a coin drop. In the future the max level of Mythic Cards could be increased based on  players levels with other card rarity types. These more recent changed are just the first ones set in motion. 
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    Other possible ways to earn Mythic cards are in the works.  While waiting on the mechanism that would allow for Legendary Cards to drop when Mythic cards are maxed their availability had to be limited.  Besides they are Mythic are they not? Wouldn't be special otherwise.

    This also sounds great, but… how do we collect mystic cards beside the normal season tokens and top 10 season ranking?

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    I noticed that the cancel button is gone when going into flares now and you automatically go.  But can you please bring the cancel button back.  Many times it takes a long time when going into some and I am already tired of closing the game and restarting every time.  To be able to cancel and try again usually works. Thanks
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    Flare traveling is very fast now, usually the return button should be enough.
    For me its too fast for even clicking on return but if it doesn’t make it slower again than bring the button back. To be honest, my traveling is so damn fast I didn’t noticed the button is missing.

    But yes I remember sometimes the game can stuck while traveling into a flare.
    Do you know how to solve it?
    You can always see the bar above (energy, coins and gold). Click on it (there is a small + button) and it opens the shop, after closing the shop you are back on your local map.
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    OMG dude, too much math for me 😂

    I am wondering too about the earn legendary cards instead of coins when you max. Mythic stuff. I can’t believe they might be that available to max them easily. I mean, yes it sounds nice but mythic cards are 5⭐️ , should be another goal to reach them 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I am always lagging of coins, for me it was good to max common and rare. I completely agree that raising their level is helping a lot with the coinlimit issue. Just now, bit more difficult to get coins.
    Coming up with a serious question. Why do I still get the amount of coins like a beginner in 2018? Collecting a stash +25 coins, doing a infest + 100 / + 250 / with luck +1000 coins.
    Me, playing since 2018, Player Level 31,
    feeling like a Lowlevel every time doing a infestation. 
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    OMG dude, too much math for me 😂

    Don't worry, I will make it easier to understand:

    First of all: it seems that my guess was right. My coins output dropped like hell and it seems that there really need to be some adjustments. As Sierra said, I feel like I am a total new noob player cause I don't get enough coins per day to upgrade my cards as usual. This really suc.. hurts. 

    Just consider: You reset the progress of most of your players. And a lot of those players will never reach this point again where they will get this amount of coins, which they get before your update kills the coin balance. Sure… Top 5 will reach this point really quickly, but the rest… 

    I am also wondering why there isn't an official response... Either to calm me (and some silent reader [you should also say something]) down, or to explain if there is a bigger plan behind this.. 

    Dahlia said:
    Besides they are Mythic are they not? Wouldn't be special otherwise.

    This also sounds great, but… how do we collect mystic cards beside the normal season tokens and top 10 season ranking?
    Sure. They really should be special. But consider: The game also have a lot of active players and groups which are not on the Top 10 (and won't get those extra cards for the WR ranking). And as you announced that they will drop leggy cards instead of coins, the conclusion is that there will be another way to earn them.

    But lets talk about the good sides of the update:

    On my iPhone 13 Pro it runs like hell. Really: The game is a lot faster. 
    The travel between the flares… oh my god… this is insanely fast!
    The favorite weapon is great, thank you for this!

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    The game crashes now when I watch an ad  clicking on the red arrow on the right bottom corner.  And some of my teamates have the same issue
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 613
    @Marbo417 thank you. The team is aware of the issue and will be working on it as soon as they have made sure that the season is off to a good start with no issues.  They believe that players are receiving the rewards. If you keep track of the date & times (UTC or local with time zone) you can reach out to support and have them check to see if you actually received rewards and they can tell you what you received or you can inquire about compensation if rewards were not received.

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    RedsWorld said:
    I noticed that the cancel button is gone when going into flares now and you automatically go.  But can you please bring the cancel button back.  Many times it takes a long time when going into some and I am already tired of closing the game and restarting every time.  To be able to cancel and try again usually works. Thanks
    If this is the reason why i'm nearly instant at the target location now, because i don't have to confirm that i want to travel there, please don't bring the button back, ever.
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