18.3 Balance Changes 🔧

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Hi everyone,

We also have a few balance changes coming up today.

Just a small note - these have been planned and worked on for a while already, they are not based on the feedback provided this week. :)

Balance Changes - May 2022 ✨

🧭 Free Roam: Increased Duration
We love to see you exploring Our World and we've been looking for ways to enhance your experience even more. Free Roams now allow you to freely explore your surroundings for a full 20 minutes before you stop (previously just 5!). You will still have the additional 15 minutes to complete any missions left at the location you stopped by.
Excited to discover new surroundings? So are we! Grab your compass 🎁 and let’s go! 

⚠️Mission Changes 
To add to the above, Rare and Epic Missions are now dynamic difficulty and no longer static. This means that these will appear on the map at the same mission levels as the rest of your mission types from now on. For more information please refer to the Mission Difficulty FAQ.

Note that this change may take a few days for all Missions to update. Moving forward all missions in Our World are of dynamic difficulty - meaning, they'd adjust to your actions.

🏠🙋‍♂️Safehouses: Increased Duration at levels 15+ 
For the regulars on the forum, you've probably seen the Area 51 Project as well as the effort and details that went into the Safehouse longevity suggestions from @Marbo417. Well, we really loved the idea! To balance things out, we are increasing the evacuation time of Safehouses level 15 and above. While there won't be any change in the drops for now, we are still interested in your feedback and open to making adjustments in the future. The increased Safehouse duration should make maintaining and upgrading your Safehouses easier.  

See updated times below:

(..and so on, levels go further up for the most devoted ones! ⚒️)

Thank you everyone for contributing to these changes with your feedback and please continue sharing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions! :)
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