Season Details: League of Champions

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Season Details: League of Champions

League of Champions, a new Group Board Season has just begun! Climb unlimited tiers and earn Season Tokens by completing Group Boards, and by participating in events throughout the season.

Season Tokens can be used in the Season Shop to unlock the newly released Mythic Champion Assault Rifle! More information on the Mythic Champion Assault Rifle can be found through the in-game news. Season Tokens can also be used to unlock a season-themed portrait, the Legendary Daryl's Crossbow and the Legendary King Ezekiel Hero card.

New consumable offers will also be available each round in the Season shop

Group Board Rounds:
This Season will only have 4 Rounds! All Rounds begin at 12:00 UTC:
  • Round 1: May 5th
  • Round 2: May 12th
  • Round 3: May 19th
  • Round 4: May 26th
Season ends June 1st.

Season Shop Offers

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