League of Champions: Mythic Champion Assault Rifle

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League of Champions

A new mythic weapon has been added to Our World – Mythic Champion Assault Rifle!

The MythicChampion AR has a starting power of 130! This weapon is available once you have reached player level 10 and has 12 mods: 2x Trigger Happy, 4x Contributor, 2x Critical, 2x Steady, 1x Overpower and 1x Crippling Shot

The Champion AR can be unlocked through the Season Shop using Season Tokens, from Leaderboard Rewards, Events or the Premium Rewards of the Season Battle Pass. This Mythic card won’t drop from mission rewards. If your player level is lower than level 10, you can still get early access to the Mythic card from the Premium Rewards of the Season Battle Pass.

Based on your player level you may see different offers, this is to ensure that the new Mythic Champion AR is useful for you.
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