Token Event: Dead of the Arena

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Dead of the Arena

Get ready to clear some Raider Bases!
During the Dead of the Arena event, you will earn Silver Raider Tokens by clearing Raider Bases. Exchange those Tokens for rewards of different rarities in the Store!

Earn Silver Raider Tokens

  • 90 Silver Raider Tokens for each Raider Base cleared
  • 10 additional Tokens for using any Epic Hero as your companion

🥈 Silver

Minimum Level Requirements
The event is only available for players level 8 and above.

Event Dates
Starts on Monday, May 16th at 08:00 UTC and ends on Monday, May 23rd at 08:00 UTC.

Event Offers

 This is the updated Store offers list. The DOTA Store prices for the 3x and 4x options of Lengedary The Governor and Legendary Morgan's AR were adjusted on May 18th as follows:
  • 3x The Governor / Morgan's AR: Token price reduced from 3200 to 3100
  • 4x The Governor / Morgan's AR: Token price reduced from 4300 to 4000
All affected players who've purchased them before that change have been compensated accordingly.

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