Level 9 currently 7000 in the season

I play daily and active.  Currently sitting at silver 3 but half team don't play. If anyone needs a player message me. I'll be leaving end of this round. Higher than silver tier please . Please let me know. Thank you


  • DEBRA226DEBRA226 Member Posts: 2
    MOE'S groupie just starting to get a group together if interested.
  • SupergrantSupergrant Member Posts: 49
    We are a top 50 team. We currently accept all levels but we do require you to complete at least 750 missions a week and help flare. If interested join us on discord 
  • killeroxoxkilleroxox Member Posts: 2
    We are a small active group trying to expand. We would love a new active player. Meatshieldkiller (MSK) 
  • Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 100
    I have a small group of 5 that is currenlty on silver1.  We get the cards every season but are less focussed on rank and more about fun and balance with life.  If that interests we are found at: Click this link to join my Group in TWD: Our World! ourworld://guild/invite/160c0a84-7a90-4a87-b0e3-617f4c8cc271/NA The name of the group is The Retirees
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 140
    Slickster, our group is not what your looking for.  BUT BrandE if your group ever wants to join a bigger team HaliSoldiers has 6 spots available.  We average Gold to Champion each season.  We have the occasional flaRe party and vary in level from 7 to 30.  There are a few of us that play everyday.  We were full for a couple months but are in a cycle of lower level players dropping out and therefore have therse spots.  Would love to see a new group join, it would really bring some excitement and additional fun.  Btw, we are not a top 200 team.  Best finish was Champion V but I'd love to see us surpass that by having fun...

    Click this link to join my Group in TWD: Our World! ourworld://guild/invite/8e1034ed-1170-40c4-81db-8adaee80555f/NA

    Captain G
  • Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 100
    Thanks Halisoldiers I think I see your safehouses around when i'm roaming.  I appreciate the offer, however i'm not looking to join another competitive team it began to make me dread playing. I'm happy with my little team of five on tier 9 just doing our thing collecting cards.  Best of luck though.
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 140
    Hey BrandE... we are definitely not competitive... I am always looking to improve but members change or people move on.  This was the 1st team I joined near the beginning of TWD and never left.  we have no play requirements and folks take time off and life happens.  No expectations.  I can't imagine paying big money and spending 8 hours a day playing.  I do buy Darryl's bike each month but only a few of us do.  Anyway, it may be worth you checking us out.  Peace and stay safe out there...
  • Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 100
    thanks Hali for now i'm good with the four we have on Tier 12.2.  We seem to get the job done everyone contributes and contributes equally and we've been playing together since I left Halixandria.  I agree I can't imagine spending that much time or money either.   
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 140
    Halixandria?  A Halifax based team like HaliSoldiers?
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