The Retirees

Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 100
A small group of 5 that is currently on silver1.  We get the cards every season but are less focussed on rank and more about fun and balance with life.  If that interests we are found at: Click this link to join my Group in TWD: Our World! ourworld://guild/invite/160c0a84-7a90-4a87-b0e3-617f4c8cc271/NA
The name of the group is The Retirees


  • Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 100
    Our little group of four has reached tier 12.2 and everyone has the gun already.  4 members all over level 29.  If you are looking to play when you feel like it but contribute regularly come check us out.
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