Buildings gone can’t go to flares chat missing

SparkleBearsSparkleBears Member Posts: 10
It’s broken tonight. The chat did come back my four buildings are gone at least as far as I can see and I can not travel to any of the seven flares I and my teammates have going on. 


  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 306
    Hi @SparkleBears, that's indeed very odd. Could it be a temporary connectivity issue?

    Please do reach out to our support through the settings of the game, if you haven't already. The team would be happy to look into it. Individual issues like that are better handled there as we have more visibility over your account. We are unfortunately not able to troubleshoot it over the forum, but it would be interesting to see if anyone else experienced the same. Thank you for the report and I hope we can sort this out for you soon.
  • SparkleBearsSparkleBears Member Posts: 10
    Must have been the games way of saying go to bed. So far so good today. If it persists I’ll let the support know it’s an ongoing issue. Thx for the response.
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