~OCEANSIDE~ (OCS)- 1 opening, 500MC, Rank #63

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Team Name: ~OCEANSIDE~ (OCS)

Spaces available: 1
Minimum level to join: 15+
Requirements: Weekly average of 500 Completed Missions 
Team Communication Method: Game Chat, Discord is required
Additional Information: This team was formed in 2019. Stress free. Drama free. No micro managing. Adults only please. 
Play how you want: go hard or go slow, FTP or PTP, play the events or the tiles, you choose, but play nice in the sand box! Be respectful of your teammates efforts. We are not a high pressure team. We do strive to stay in the top 100 for the end of season rewards. We are usually in the 60s or 70s on the leaderboard in a regular season.  
We also have a casual 2nd team called
OS Trailerpark (OTP)
Players level 10 and higher
No weekly minimums for missions
Log on once daily if possible, but at least once a week
Must use Discord
Must be age 21 or older
Multiple open spots & open to merge. We find it's a great place for our Oceanside players to take a break if needed before returning to Oceanside but would love to build this team up. 
Come visit us and see if we are a fit for you. 🙂


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    Aloha, I'm from Hawaii but in California right now. I'm in a new group and am currently 1# and I have only been with them for about a week.  I would really like to be in a group that is at least, as ambitious as I am haha⁸! I usually play at least once or twice a day and for hours at a time when I get "in the zone". 
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    If you are interested in trying our team, please click the Discord link https://discord.gg/Nw9JHm6

    I apologize for the delay. I never received a notification of your message on my post. 😞
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