When will we have fun?

deracine999deracine999 Member Posts: 16
When will the lag between flare transitions and the end of combat go away? Also, when will the walker disappearing problem be fixed? It takes a lot of time to play and it's stressful.


  • deracine999deracine999 Member Posts: 16
  • Jeff1Jeff1 Member Posts: 12
    Agree with above comment. The lag between missions is still right at 5 seconds.  Real hard to make board progress when we're spending so much time waiting next screen to show up.  Please don't tell me to put in tkt.  We all know it doesn't do any good. We get auto response, then if your lucky, a human telling us your passing problem on to someone else, then never hear from anyone about the issue again.  Gets very aggravating.  Just fix please. thanks. Jeff#1. Camelot
  • MorgenMorgen Community Manager, Staff Posts: 306
    Hi everyone, I know the game is not at its best right now. We've mentioned that the lag is linked to the number of missions on the map - and since we increased that number 2-3 times already based on the overall feedback, now the performance on some devices is taking a hit. I am afraid I don't have an estimated time to share for the fix, we are still looking for solutions that wouldn't include reducing the number of missions.

    We are aware of the reports and keeping track - in fact, that's how the tickets help us. When you submit a ticket, we have a clear report - linked to a specific account, time, device or even actions in-game so we have way more visibility and can start an investigation. This is an issue that affects the game, not individual accounts, so it's not something the support can solve right away, but I can confirm that we do receive these reports and use them to speed up the work. I hope this provide more context, and again, thank you for your understanding. I'm hoping we'll have a solution soon. 🤞
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    Thank you Morgan!  
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    5 seconds?  Only 5 seconds?  Our team members take 30 seconds at worst.  I hope you don't complain about five seconds of lag when you can play well enough.
  • Jeff1Jeff1 Member Posts: 12
    Obviously It's suposed to say 15 seconds deracine999. But even if it was just 5 seconds, it would still be an issue that needed to be fixed.  Any amount of lag between missions, added to the missing rewards for completed rares and epics, the disappeared missions after being partly done, lack of crates, distorted graphic around water and other issues that came with the new maps is a pain in the rear and needs to be brought to NGs attn..  My main complaint was that support often says they sending my info to a different dept. and then often don't follow up with me about anything I've told them or compensate for their errors.   
  • RosieNuRosieNu Member Posts: 72
    Jesus, I'd kill for 5 or 15 seconds I'm getting minimum of 30 to 45 end of mission and flare travel... 
  • MsMacheteMsMachete Member Posts: 45
    Me too + crates popping in slow motion.
    More servers, wouldn't that allow faster connection with the increases in missions?
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,562
    We start having fun February 1, 2023 😂

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