One Step At A Time And It Didn't Cost Me A Dime !

Any interest in a zero-spend group ?

I'm personally not interested in Pay To Win and am bored of the way the game is often played.

Much more interesting IMO to see how far a team can get using their wits instead of their wallets !

I personally find the game too easy now that NG have to give out free crates of benefits every day.

I used to enjoy friendly competition within the team contribution leaderboard battling to win tiles but am fed up with Safehouse building tiles pushing people up the rankings rather than mission kills. 

Rules would be simple:

No buying anything in game. Earn all benefits and rewards through free gameplay and team cooperation.

I hate the stupid 'Build/Upgrade 'n' Safehouses' tiles that disproportionately reward those playing when a board is completed (and who win the 'who can randomly built Safehouses at the exact moment of board flip' lottery ! )

So, we'd share that dumb tile across team members, no more board flip safehouse building lottery.

No way to police any of these rules so it would all be done on an honour/trust basis.

Other rules to promote fairer gameplay and make it more of a challenge welcome 

I've been playing this way in a solo group for ages (having been in groups before). 

Recently returned to group play and have found the whole experience unsatisfying.

I reckon that a no-spend, hardcore scavenger, survivalist approach fits in much better with the Walking Dead ethos than buying your way to progress.

Anyone else interested in a different way to play ?


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