📢 IMPORTANT: Our World Sunset Announcement 🌇

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Our World: Sunset Announcement

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the difficult decision to sunset TWD: Our World

TWD: Our World was launched on July 12th 2018 and has become the go-to location-based shooter for many The Walking Dead fans. During these four years, we embraced the challenge to provide you with a fun and engaging experience. 

We thank each and every one of you for all the support you’ve shown by playing, sharing your feedback, taking those funny screenshots and making friends all across the globe. The game will remain available until January 31st, 2023 when the servers will shut down.

What does this mean for you?

  • Starting today, November 24th, 2022, in-app purchases will be disabled.

  • A series of changes will be made to support you along the way (see post below)

  • You can continue playing TWD: Our World until January 31st, 2023 when the servers will close.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work on The Walking Dead: Our World with such a dedicated community behind it. 


🛠️ Here are some of the changes we are making:
  • ⚠️ We are discontinuing the Battle Pass Seasons and Mini-Seasons, there won't be any new group boards starting.
  • 🪙 A new selection of offers will be available in the Store for in-game currency, using Gold, Coins or Tokens.
  • ⚡ Energy Regeneration time has been reduced to 2 minutes.
  • 📦 More Energy from Supply Crates - you can explore your map for as long as you want and Crates would continue providing Energy.
  • 🎬 Video Ads provide bigger and better rewards now.
  • 💰 Coin Rewards from Missions and maxed-out cards have been increased.
  • 🎴 Mission rewards now include more cards and the chance to earn Mythics.
  • ⬆️ Increased chance of finding higher rarity cards (Epic, Legendary, Mythic).
  • 🧭 Increased Free Roam speed and duration (now 30 mins).
  • 🔀 The group cooldown has been removed - you can now join a Group and start using Flares without having to wait. 
  • 2️⃣ All doubler talents (Contributor, Scavenger, Builder Talent, Junk Cat) have 2x chance to activate at all times.
  • 🎁 All players level 7+ will receive a special package as a thank-you for their support throughout the years.

  • NML Promo Code
    We know how hard it is to watch a game you love sunset, but if you’re looking for more The Walking Dead action, we hope you’ll download The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. You can redeem the code OW2022* in the settings menu of NML to get a head-start with a reward pack in the game. (*Code applies to players Council Level 12 and below.)

Thank you once again for being a part of this amazing community. I am sure there are a lot of things on your mind right now, to help out we've prepared a list of FAQs. Please read the post below for more information on the sunset.



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    Sunset FAQs

    When will the game close?
    The Walking Dead: Our World will be taken down from the App Stores on Dec 1st 2022, but will remain playable until January 31st, 2023 when the servers will close. The game will no longer be available after that date.

    Why is the game closing?
    The Walking Dead: Our World was enjoyed by a great community of players and we are grateful for each and every one of you. After evaluating the game’s performance throughout the years, it was determined that TWD: Our World has come to the end of its life cycle. This has not been an easy decision and we are hoping for your understanding. As a token of appreciation, we are making a series of changes to improve your experience in the months leading to the closure.

    What will happen to my unused resources?
    We encourage you to spend your in-game resources before the game closes. Please note that all game data, including any unused resources, will be deleted on Jan 31st 2023, when the servers are turned off.  

    What will happen to my personal information after the servers are turned off?
    With the servers being shut down, all collected information such as usernames, device details, and general location data will be permanently deleted in accordance with the data protection laws. If you wish to receive a copy of your data before it’s deleted, please submit your request by Dec 31st, 2022.

    Can I continue playing the game after it is removed from the App Store and Google Play?
    As long as you keep the app on your device, you can continue playing until January 31st when the servers are turned off.

    ⚠️ Be careful not to uninstall the app.
    Once the app has been removed from the app stores, you won’t be able to download it again, it also won’t be possible to download it on a new device.  

    Can I keep an offline copy of the game and continue playing after the servers shut down?
    This is unfortunately not possible. TWD: Our World is an online game that requires a direct connection to our servers. You can continue playing the game until January 31st, 2023. After that date, the game will no longer be available.

    You mentioned a special “Thank you” package. What will it include? 
    Everyone will receive a thank you package. If you've previously made purchases in the game, your gift will contain consumables and high-rarity cards.
    The packs are based on your individual progress, contributions and time spent in the game. Look out for the yellow support icon in your game to claim the gift.
    Note that it may take a while for the gifts to be distributed, we expect that everyone will have theirs by the end of the week.

    What is this No Man's Land code? How can I redeem the bonus code?
    If you are looking for more The Walking Dead action, we hope you will download The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. New players (or existing accounts up to Council Level 12) in No Man's Land can now redeem a bonus code to get a head-start in the game. To redeem the code, please go to the Settings of No Man's Land, tap on "Account & Services" and then select "Redeem Gift Code" on the left-hand side. The code to use is OW2022 - note that the code is case-sensitive, it should be entered in all capital letters without quotation marks. 

    The gift code can be used once per player (Council Level 12 and below) between November 24th 2022 and January 31st 2023.

    Can I still use the Our World forum and the Discord servers?
    We encourage you to use the forums and stay in touch with fellow players. It is the people and the connections we form that make games like TWD: Our World so special. While the forum will be closed once the servers are turned off, the Discord servers are fully run by our community and you can continue using them:
    -  OW Global Community Discord & OW Player Community Discord 

    What is next for Next Games?
    Next Games is now a Netflix studio, creating games for Netflix members. We will continue to create compelling fans-first interactive experiences by combining the stories of well-known movies and shows with interesting game mechanics. We sincerely hope that many of you will continue to play our games in the future. Follow our website for the latest news and updates: https://www.nextgames.com/news-insights 
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