Covid testing... have you had it done?

DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,541
Hi all. Off topic of the game. Have you been tested since the pandemic began?  Have you been tested multiple times?  Antibody testing?  Anyone catch it?

i have been tested 2x (once in May negative and antibody both negative). 2nd rest was yesterday. Awaiting results. 

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  • EngAamieEngAamie Member Posts: 79
    hi, how they test the blood, which type of test is it, eg name of the test. 
    i didn t test me yet.. 
  • BobE1985BobE1985 Member Posts: 9
    I've been tested once wouldn't like to be tested again it was not pleasant! i didn't have it, doctor told me it had a 30% false positive rate as well so to me barely worth doing if its only 70% accurate
  • DoorKeyDoorKey Member Posts: 5
    I have not. But since I’m on immune suppressants and work from home, I stay away from others, so shouldn’t be at risk.
  • SylvSylv Member Posts: 4
    No tests here for me or my immediate family and no symptoms. While it can be a case that we are not symptomatic, we've been strictly adhering to the govt guidelines and limiting our social interactions substantially to facilitate it. 
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  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 332
    I’ve been tested three times. not pleasant, but necessary. 
  • MissKittyMissKitty Member Posts: 5
    Ive been tested twice. Had Covid back in June and it was horrible. I genuinely thought I was dying. My coworker still has it and has been on oxygen 24/7 for 2 months now. 
  • CoreyZekCoreyZek Member Posts: 1
    Pretty sure I had it back in january. That was the worst sickness I've ever had. Never been tested though, and I can hold my breath for like 5 minutes almost....

    so it's confusing and scary, but I'm glad to still be kicking, and you know already that I'm doing my best to assist those in need who have gotten it. I've helped bring food, coffee, helped others figure out unemployment so they can pay for their medical stuff without worry. 

    I actually did get one of those invasive nasal swabs *that day* that I went to the hospital. Never got informed about covid stuff, it was a "Viral upper respiratory infection". I mean...isn't that covid? XD
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