Compensation for Aussie players

NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
Is there any talk about compensation Aussie players for two years of playing without having all missions available for the whole day?


  • MikaimeeMikaimee Member Posts: 15
    Let’s do the calculations.  Approx 6 hours per day that we couldn’t see rare or epic anything...not even crates..., no raiders, no special missions.   How do you compensate for that?  Maybe the bike free for a year?  

    I think to our credit (or stupidity), a large number of us stayed loyal to the game even through that.  
  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    Something would be better than not even acknowledging us
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161

  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    And why shouldn’t we be asking for compensation? Some of us spent thousands of dollars during the last two years to help our teams complete boards, buying flares so we could jump our international team mates flares to get the required missions? But it’s not even about that, we haven’t even got an apology, yet we know they were aware of the issue.  They kept telling me there was no issue and it was a google maps issue, yet as soon as the dynamic missions update came through all of a sudden we started getting all of them all day? 
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161
    @Nazza Imagine if you were on an all Aussie team, like I'm sure many are. There was hours and hours when they couldn't finish boards or find what you needed.

  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    @aharshman, imagine if that’s how I started? And I had to move to an international team to have a chance to make it on the boards? You don’t think I know the problems? I was one of the ones sending all the info and videos to people trying to get help and not getting anywhere for months, and having Filipe tell me it wasn’t a bug, so I know the problems 
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