Reorder heroes and weapons

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No one has suggested this one yet so I'll take a stab at it.

The ability to customize the order the heroes and weapons on the Encouter/Rescue/Infestation start screen would be extremely helpful.  One of the most frustrating things IMO is having to search down my list for Legendary Hershal or my best common hero on missions that they're not optimized for, and they're buried halfway down the page, this becomes a larger problem as more heroes and weapons are added to the game.

Not looking for anything fancy here, just the option to select 1 or more weapon or hero and they will always appear first on the selection screens.


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  • MadriusMadrius Member Posts: 43
    For me:
    - the characters dedicated for thé challenge have to be showed firstly 
    - After characters dedicated to an event 
    - and ok good idea after favorite characters
  • baitbait Member Posts: 9

    I can see that and if they go before or after challenge/event heroes is certainly debatable.

    The reason I'd go before everything else is this, our team is currently on tier 11, where there are challenges in encounters for male heroes, bearded heroes, and shotgun heroes.  If you put your personal favorites after all that they'd be buried and the feature would be useless.  If you only pick 1 or 2 favorites (which is how I'd use it) the challege/event heroes would still be easily accessible.
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    That would be great 👍
  • warriorbitchwarriorbitch Member Posts: 3
    I am with you! I suggested thus Long ago in a direct Massage to the team
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    It's a great idea and seems easily implementable to the game, with the same goal as the idea of ​​having 1 or 2 hero and weapon combinations, which has already been suggested a million times, and this new twist is easier 👏👏👏 👏👏
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    I've been saying this since forever with my team.  You obviously wouldn't pin your favorites when those heroes might not necessarily be needed for missions.  I think the option to save upto 3 would help massively. 
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