Safe houses "home base"

Adding a paid option to set a location as "home base" and hit a button to return to that 1 spot from any where with out a flare.


  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161

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    I think this is a great idea! 
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161
    Sandman24 said:
    I think this is a great idea! 
    Are you "the" Sandman?
  • centerpunchrcenterpunchr Member Posts: 30
    It is a great idea. I have players that have had to go out of town to care for sick relatives and they lost all their safehouses. 
  • meganmealmanmeganmealman Member Posts: 1
    I agree! It would be awesome to have a home base, or even a team base.
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161
    You'd be riding a rainbow all the way to your home base!

    This would be awesome! This way we can go back to a permanent site without fear of a timer.
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    Great idea
  • CaitlynGrace8CaitlynGrace8 Member Posts: 4
    Yes please!
  • Sheepies666Sheepies666 Member Posts: 7
    This could be done by having a new item in the game - say a "beacon" that behaves like a flare, but lasts for 7 days (or 30 days) and can be purchased through gold or cash. Might also be available as a potential reward at the end of the season. This way a group could have multiple "permanent" flares that would die out eventually, but can be used to mark their safe houses
  • RimanteRimante Member Posts: 7
    edited July 2020
    Great idea, but as a home button, not a flare:)
  • HeatherynHeatheryn Member Posts: 8
    Yes ... I was thinking as a home button, not a flare. I would pay for it. 
  • NightwatchHawkNightwatchHawk Member Posts: 3
    Good idea
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 180
    i brought this up long ago and others commented too.  I’m so glad that so many more are now saying it.  We need this
  • SierraEchoSierraEcho Member Posts: 56
    Wanna support that topic. 👍🏻

    Would be great to set a homebase, no need to worry anymore to loose your buildings while being in vacation. 
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    Some may say that I repeat myself, but in response to this post long time ago I made this suggestion that I still think would solve the problem.  I received tons of positive feedbacks for it that proves how much players want something like that to be implemented into the game.

    I even went as far as creating a possible splash screen for the game for that!  It would be a major update with the new building, new hero and talent cards  😁  

  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 180
    @Marbo417 you keep at it.  It’s a solid idea you already have put together that should be implemented.  
  • ShortyKaiserShortyKaiser Member Posts: 147
    Cool idea!!! 
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