Right now the pandemic in the United States is much worse than it was when you were giving out perks. They are needed now more than ever. Do you plan on adding another round of perks soon?



  • babs65babs65 Member Posts: 1
    Agreed. Our team has been discussing this. We need help! Cases are rising here like crazy!!! We rarely get out.
  • drinadrina Member Posts: 1
    We absolutely could use some more perks here as well as our numbers are rising daily with the pandemic. Please add some more soon!!!
  • KatnatKatnat Member Posts: 4
    We have just gone into stage 4 restrictions, this includes 8pm to 5am curfew for the next six weeks.  $1652 fine if you break the rules.  We're not allowed more than 5klms from home except for medical or essential work. Masks are mandatory or $200 fine. Remote learning again. 
    Free roam & flares are the only way we can play now.   Would be lost without them
  • MeyMey Member Posts: 4
    +1,  Even in countries where the worst seems to have happened, there are not so many restrictions but they still advise reduced mobility.  So if the pandemic is not over, why is aid ending?
  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    If we are also being told to rely on free roam can you please remove the cap on the compasses? I get one from crates per week (I have one crate in my area and I’m in the stage four restrictions above) and from the daily missions and I miss the one from the crate because I have to use them sparingly
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Member, Community Manager, Staff Posts: 661
    We are constantly monitoring the situation and we will make changes as needed. We have few things pre-planned, and if needed we will put them into action.
  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    Here in Victoria, Australia, we are in a worse position than we were when we had the relief measures in place in the first instance. We have been placed in a state of a disaster and there is talk of further restrictions being placed on us in the next few days if the number of reported cases does not see an improvement. At the moment we are allowed out for an hour a day. Majority of my team is from Victoria. So I guess what I am saying is that action for us is needed if we are to continue playing. My team has already lost 5 players from inactivity as they can’t play like they used to as there is nothing around them and they don’t get compasses. 
  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 114
    Totally agree....but giving us free stuff hurts their bottom line, nevermind about players health !!!!!!
  • snoopsnoop Member Posts: 5
    Their decisions are based on logs, like gps location , different missions made etc, not our comments ;)
    I'm done with playing, don't know why I'm still doing only daily missions. I'm just collecting resources and maybe I'll come back with full time play, not now tho, because of Cane nerf for example, I'll keep tracking progress with development for now nothing more.

  • Slayer1Slayer1 Member Posts: 3
    Those few things you have “pre-planned” should be put into effect. We are telling you we need them. Thanks. 
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