Compass spawn rate in stashes

Hi everybody! Until a few weeks ago I always had around 15 compasses and at least once or twice a day I would get one from stashes, which obviously didn't add up. Then, looking for whisperers and farm encounters, I started spending them until about three days ago I was at 0. From there, I didn't get a miserable compass from stashes, having collected at least 300.
Should I just assume that I am having a lot of bad luck or is there some kind of bug?


  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 112
    From what I can tell you have a chance of getting them in your first 3~ crates immediately after getting out of e-jail.  
  • Jeronetj3Jeronetj3 Member Posts: 29
    I have noticed this too, but I think it has to do with the system NG uses, when you are low on medkits, grenades or energy those also tend to drop more rarely from stashes.
  • PabloQAC92PabloQAC92 Member Posts: 6
    I think the same as you, but for many days I have not even been given a compass from the stashes.  I think they should fix something there
  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    I receive one a week from crates
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