The End Game

I think its time that we as a community take a really hard look at the direction the game is currently going.  A few seasons ago the players out TWDOW joined together and held a game wide strike while demanding that NG change some its tactics and gameplay design.  For a time it seemed that the suggestions and complaints were listened to and carefully taken into consideration, but now, I feel that we are right back to square one.  I’m going to cite examples from some of the higher tiers (because they are what I am most familiar with right now, but I know that teams that play more casually than mine are facing the same issues.
  The numbers that I cite ARE NOT EXACT, but the estimations are close enough to get my point across, 

Tier 21 (Ultimate 1) - Estimated energy needed: 48,415 (this assumes that you will finish the all the other tiles while completing the tiles below
Major Tiles:
1. Raider bases - 525 (total for tier) -5625
2. Legendary Abe Rescues (lvl21,22,23) - 5100
3. Yumiko (lvl 15+) 8950
4. Alpha (Rare missions only) -2640
5. Infest Battles w/epic ar/leg. ar(x2) (Lvl 21,22,23) - 26,100

Tier 23 Ultimate 3 (skipped ultimate 2) Estimated Energy Needed 81,075
Major Tiles:
1. Raider Bases lvl 15+ w/Sasha - 18,000
2. Infest battles w/Shotguns - 39,000
3. Heavies in infests (assuming 4 per battle) - 12,500
4. Whisperers - 1575 
5. Encounters w/The Governor - 5800
6 Raider Outposts/Epic Rick (lvl 23/24/25) -4200

and the numbers just go on and on.........

Now, again, I will be the first to admit that there are all kinds of ways that you can work to get these numbers down, BUT that is a matter of RNG.  Best case scenario is you proc 20% of the energy needed on these tiles and you’re STILL talking about needing 38,732 and 64,860 respectively. Then you take into consideration the level gating that is going on and you realize that you’re knocking out a HUGE majority of your newer, upcoming players, because there just isn’t a good way to get their weapons/hero’s to the level needed to contribute on these tiles. 
Yes, I also know they can be focusing on other tiles, but you’re still putting a MASSIVE burden on a section of the player base that is growing smaller everyday which is what is contributing to the HUGE amount of burnout that leaders are seeing this season  (in addition to there being no real change in gameplay for the last...oh.....forever. 
  NG needs to realize its not the boards, or cards or whatever new zombie that has kept so many long time players coming back and spending money on a game that honestly has been stuck on the same merry go round for years.  It is their team mates and friends that they enjoy hanging out with and chatting with after a long day of work/school, yet I see every day more and more of my friends and longtime players leaving the game because they have gotten tired of the money sink the game has turned into (don’t get me started on the $50 flare pack that is basically a needed weekly purchase by multiple members of groups that are progressing on these finial tiers). 
  Where we go from here, I don’t know.  I’m not saying another player strike is the way to go, or maybe it is.  I do know that NG needs to address this situation sooner than later or we will have to sit and watch more of our friends leave this game that we enjoy playing.



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