Cane speed increase supercharged

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The perk is broken, speed increase not as stated on card, it’s more than 10x stated amount. Try it out and please fix.
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  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
    Hello @Full_pick, could you please be more specific? What is the issue?
  • Full_pickFull_pick Member Posts: 11
    the Cane card description states (lvl 3) +20% movement speed. In reality it is more than 200% speed increase. Try it, something is wrong (unless Compass speed nowadays are supposed to be like 100 km/h).
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    Hello @Full_pick, with the Ezekiel's Cane at level 3 (20% increase to basic speed) means that the Free Roam speed is 36km/h. Please remember that by car you have to be careful with buildings, other people, etc. In-game you can go in a straight line, which makes it feel faster.
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    Will things start to disappear when the speed is over 30km/h just like when you are in a car or bus?
    or is that disabled when you use the cane?
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    Hello @Mixi. No, Ezekiel's Cane and Free Roam speed do not affect mission spawning.
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    It feels like supercharged and in our team we have different opinions about that:

    "The younger generations"-opinion:
    "Great, the faster the better" (this is my opinion too)

    "The older generations"-opinion:
    "Where is the break?

    As there is no way to make both happy (decrease the speed, increase the speed..), there is (in my opinion) only one solution:
    A "break" or a regulator where you can chose if you want to drive like a turtle or drive like a super fast rabbit :-) 

    Just my 2 cents,  
    Best regards
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    Hi guys! Please have a look here:

    Thank you for reporting this!
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
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    Hi guys,
    I understand that you are upset, however, there was an issue with how speed was being calculated and was not working as it should and as it has been communicated (10% increase at level 1).
    On higher levels the Free Roam speed would be just unplayable and would not be fun.
    Stay safe!
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