NG why did you delete the Ezekiel’s Cane Card from my account?

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Hey guys

I am sure those of you who got the Cane and have played around with it have seen what it can do!

I made this video below to compare the speed of it:

Now they nerfed it because apparently it was too fast and people were complaining... The one card I was so happy to come and happy to unlock and use now got MASSIVE Nerf

Use a Compass with the Cane and watch the video above without the Cane part and see if you spot a difference 

Make sure to give feedback on this nerf by replying below!

Probably making a video!

My Youtube Channel:


  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    It’s interesting what feedback ng listen to. I think I saw 1 comment on the speed of the compass on here but lots more on the rate of the compass drops in crates so they dropped the speed. 
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    The free roam speed with Ezekiel’s cane seems to be non existent after you made your changes.  It is no faster than it was without the cane, plus I upgraded mine.  There should be a middle ground.  If this is the speed it was intended, I would rather the cane perk didn’t exist.  The only thing adding new legendary cards to the game does for high level players is make it more difficult to complete challenges with legendary cards.  My epic and legendary cards are pretty much useless, and mine are upgraded as much as I can.  Please increase the speed to make the perk worth having?
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