Level 9+ rare infestations (glitch?)

hi, my team is on tier 8, currently on the second board with 1 tile left to complete, which is 125 level 9+ rare infestations with a pistol... is it jusr me or are these 9+ rare infestations no where to be found? I've walked around, drove around, and used atleast 10 compasses only to find a handful of at the highest level 6 rare infestations.... my regular infests are  between 14-18, but for somw reason all my rare or epic infestations are always below level 6, and I guess most of my team mates are having the same issue (only a handful of us are actually still playing this seqson) 
With it seeming impossible for us to find anyyy level 9 or higher rare infestations im afraid that my team is just going to give up and state we are wasting to many resources and that its impossible to tier up by next round 

**I understand there are lots of avid players and teams out there that dedicate their entire lives to this game, so pleaae no replies stating how your team finished the season or is at tier one 23, instead of telling me how easy this tier was for you, please give any tips or tricks you may know of that will help me to find these rare infests... I am aware that the rare and epic infests are not supposed to be in relation to your player level or floor,  but it also seems like the  rare infest levels are different for some players in my team

Does anyone have any advice or strategies...
Was this also difficult for you, how did your team overcome it ?
is this maybe a glitch in the game at this point? I am sure the majority of teams have moved well beyond tier 8, so maybe no one has mentioned it to be a glitch bc no one else is looking for these level rare infestations? 

Either way any assistance will be greatly appreciated 
Thank you!


  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    We also struggled on this and then on tier 11 finding the epics we needed. It’s not just you
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