NG why did you delete the Ezekiel’s Cane Card from my account?



  • YoboYobo Member Posts: 26
    I’m so angry they took away the speed from the cane. It was such a great perk. And now it does nothing. All that time and energy spent wasted
  • tweaker401tweaker401 Member Posts: 2
    Pathetic... another great card turned into a useless one. If I knew they would remove the speed I wouldn’t have spent a lot of energy on the event. Back to square 1
  • tweaker401tweaker401 Member Posts: 2
    I guess the compass speed would make people roam more instead of buying flares and hurt their $$$$. There’s no way a couple of players complaining about the speed would’ve changed their minds so easily 
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,554
    I’d like NG to advise if it’s still 30 kmph base that compass does cause the cane at lvl 4 is still 25%. So if the % didn’t change then what did?

    math shouldn’t be hard. 25% of a number is a new number. If the new number is “too fast” yet the cane card visually still displays the same percentage; then what was modified?

    i believe the base speed was modified 

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  • VenusVenus Member Posts: 1
    Didn’t get mine yet. But after reading the bait and switch. Will pass.
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  • ny_metsny_mets Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2020
    This whole cane card is ridiculous now. A giant waste of time. With some speed it was useful. Especially mid pandemic as we cant leave our houses as much. Now I wasted all that time and energy to work to upgrade it when it has now barely changed. Wont use it anymore. Should get rid of the card entirely if you cant use it to travel and return our energy and tokens used on it. I loved using it to find things to flare when at decent speed. One complainer and you take it down?The game still would be getting a boost of money from it. Which sadly is all the developers seem to care about. VERY disappointed. Yet another bomb that will push more players away. They need to start caring what the players want or they wont have any anymore. Hoping they reconsider. Without more speed I rarely if ever will bother with free roam. 
  • ginathefamilyginathefamily Member Posts: 1
    Last night the cane worked fine today it is terrible - I literally was not able to go as far as I could before the cane - I am really disgusted. What a huge waste of my time- could you possibly for once do something that is actually helpful?
  • TonksTonks Member Posts: 12
    I’m so upset that they nerfed the speed of the cane perk. Please restore it to what it was and maybe add a don’t use at the beginning of free roam for those that said it was too fast. It seems like it was pointless doing all those freaking bases now. 
    StayDeadDamnitWanderer_GrenadesPain Walker
  • BabaYaga11472BabaYaga11472 Member Posts: 2
    i am very disgusted that the Cane perk was buffered. I played hard to get every upgrade for it and now its like i never got it.  The most useless perk now. Change it back
  • EmcherEmcher Member Posts: 2
    Fix the cane put it back the way it was working. Best feature in the game in a long time. 

    Pretty worthless the way it is now 
    Sheva69GrenadesPain Walker
  • AK_SlayerAK_Slayer Member Posts: 30
    The changes made to the speed are beyond awful. The card is absolutely useless. I could go further before I got the Cane, Complete bait and switch. Appallingly dishonest. What a waste of time and resources. 
    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69
  • Wanderer_Wanderer_ Member Posts: 1
    The changes made to the cane are a huge disappointment! It’s basically useless now. Can’t see any difference from just having the compass. Fix the cane! Super disgusted with NG right now! 
    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69
  • ajm15ajm15 Member Posts: 1
    Always tried staying out of the bs ng throws our way but this takes the cake by far. Was losing interest after 2 years of playing the cane brought excitement back to game for me. This has me and our team super ill. #makecaneusefulagain
    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69ashsmash15
  • gurosoguroso Member Posts: 10
    Wait, what? All the time and effort we spent to get this perk and you slow down the speed????? If its too fast for you peops, stop and look around! NG please... 
    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69Ashyslashy
  • SabrinaCBauerSabrinaCBauer Member Posts: 2
    Well, you made the best Card (the cane) in the Game now useless. 
    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161

  • kellyannkellyann Member Posts: 1
    They’ve made it completely useless. Was amazing when I first unlocked the cane, now it’s zero difference. What a waste of time and energy. 
    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161

    GrenadesPain WalkerSheva69Fah_Q
  • Chris_Chris_ Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the 2 people who complained now the perk is useless. I think they realized they made it to fast and people enjoyed it so they were looking for any excuse to slow it down....Thanks Devs
  • SidDMGSidDMG Member Posts: 2
    2 people complain and mess it up for everyone else - know your customers NG!

    "ahh my avatar is running and I can't press the stop button"   jez....
  • SlowmoleSlowmole Member Posts: 2
    I don't really think any of NG officials here could care less, of what we actually try to resolve here, as long we the player base remain cash cows, they could milk us for every last penny. As mentioned before, some say it's bait and switch, I say it's change of set game rules during halftime and also one big fat scam. Yes you heard me, it's a money scam, plain and simple, first game devs announce new perk, the so called CockCane™ with all it's shiny new functions and glory, then it's released, everyone tries to get some, because hey, it's quite good and helpful. Yeaaah and then comes the NG telling us "Sorry folks, there has been a mistake and we have to nerf it". So you know what NG ? We can nerf something too. What about this games review on playstore ? Surely enough players will be more than happy to write some salty words in your "favour". And speaking of saltiness, we could also take legal action, and fight for our consumer rights. I'm pretty sure this little Cane scam of yours falls right into the category. So well done NG ... Alienating and lying like a little bitch for far too long. Time to spank you like a brat you are. 
    Pain WalkerSheva69Tracy00Ashyslashy
  • qpw_stuqpw_stu Member Posts: 4
    This is such a terrible move NG, we've lost day 1 players this season because of the steep ramp up in difficulty while we're still in lockdown.  You bring in an awesome perk; the team is buzzing, flaring, buying energy etc. and everyone is feeling positive about the game again.  Then you do this?!? I can't understand how this makes any sense for your business, never mind the paying player base who are feeling utterly cheated at the moment.  Please do something to make this right.
    Pain WalkerLivingDeadGrrlSheva69
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