Time to put our foot down

It is time to put our foot down friends.  NG has shown us they have no problem taking our money from us only to kill the item that we have spent our money and time to earn.  It is time to show them the only way that they will listen and quit supporting their game.  I personally will not spend another dime on this game until  they fix the many many many issues that we have been complaining about:

1. the absolutely ridiculous Board requirements this season.  DID YOU LEARN NOTHING?!?

2. The numerous glitches and crashes that continue to plague the game daily.
3.  I might be the only one that feels this way but $50 (us) for for flares is extortion.  Flares are a REQUIRED ITEM, something that must be used in large quantities to complete any board above silver 5.  It’s time to make flares drop out of chests just like energy med kids and grenades 

4. Compasses have a horrible drop rate from crates. You shouldn’t have to go through 100’s of crates between finding them if they are truly your “solution” to people stuck at home/not able to be as mobile due to disabilities/quarantine/etc.

5. Legendary (and epic card rebalancing) Outside of a 2 day window there has never EVER been a legendary card that lives up to its name LEGENDARY, game changing.  You’ve been promising a rebalancing of these cards for months.....if what you did to zeke’s cane is your idea of rebalancing, I shudder to think of what you’re going to do to the rest of my already handicapped “legendary” cards.

I’m sure there are many other issues that people can contribute as well, but my opinion will stay the same and I suggest everyone else to join me.  Spend no more, not another dime, no flares no energy, don’t even click on the ads.  Let’s show them (again) that what they are giving us simply isn’t good enough and we refuse to support a company that doesn’t/won’t listen it’s players!



  • Chris_Chris_ Member Posts: 7
    Don't write anything negative or they will delete your comment.
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 107
    edited September 2020
    Heroes shouldn’t require needing a first aid kit unless they go completely down

    Should be a whisperer in every whisperer encounter

    Headshot should not be a requirement til it’s fixed to hero not stealing your kills

    Quit using worst guns and heroes possible to make requirements even harder 

    Take level requirements back out of the tiers.. if I have a lower level killing 40k kills a week you are obviously getting your money from him to do it

    where are all rotten encounters promised over a year ago

    quit starting the walkers right on the hero forcing Medkit or grenade to be used

  • VerucaSaltVerucaSalt Member Posts: 2
    I would like to add that I feel like NG has set us up for failure.  Specifically in relation to the level gates.  I'd love to know the point of them from NG's perspective. Inserting those into the game makes it so people have to raise their PPL or they can't even see the levels required for the boards.  But raising the PPL too high makes legendaries unplayable which are also required for the boards.  I get that ultimate should be very hard.  But it should not make someone do something to their character that makes other aspects of the game impossible.  If that is the goal NG, to make the game impossible, just bring back the million walkers lone wolf on the last tier and call it a day.  Game unbeatable accomplished.
    @NG_Filipe these points are so accurate and frustrates so much of the player base. Please let the devs know we need some serious changes for the continued growth of the game and the community. Miggz has brought up so potentially easy sounding fixes that would help a great amount. 
  • TLHTLH Member Posts: 20
    Losing several top players from my team at the end of the season. This season was miserable and it finally broke some who were staying for the "family" we created by playing many late night flare parties. It's like y'all don't even listen. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • rotagillArotagillA Member Posts: 21
    I agree, the best message we can send NG is in the game shop.
  • NazzaNazza Member Posts: 23
    Here’s the problem. The more players that leave shows how much those who stay are spending. Even during the last ‘strike’ this data shows that big money was still being spent. Unless people truly stick to their word about not spending money what do NG care? 
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