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Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
Hey guys

Let's make it easy for NG to collect Season Feedback by putting it all in one place!

Probably making a video!

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  • AK_SlayerAK_Slayer Member Posts: 30
    I reviewed the tiers and season looks pretty good. The gated levels will be a challenge in the highest tiers of course. The only disappointment so far was realizing the legendary bow offer is only meant for the top 50-60 teams, unless ya want to spend some serious gold. An intermediate legendary bow package would have been nice for the many other teams who are consistent with tier 18ish. 
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,168
    I'm just happy that legendary Herschel cards will be available. Screw Beth, I'm going for Herschel first!
  • MrGreekMrGreek Member Posts: 2
    it was about time to bring Leg. Hershel back.
    Had the feeling that I'll never level him up only with WildCardshop.

    Thank you very much NG, Devs or who had this idea
  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 87
    I dont see any mention on how we get legendary Maggie unless you buy the season pass ? 
    Pain Walker
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
    @Stewart They usually release new cards with events and give f2p people a chance to get it.

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,168
    There is another event coming up  this month. Perhaps Maggie will be available then?
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 81
    I think ng is pretty capable of creating a place and thread If they are wanting one 
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 551
    Hello @Remorah. All feedback is important, so having a specific post for it helps me when searching for it and then collecting it. 
    Pain Walker
  • mi4cmi4c Member Posts: 3
    I haven't found any of these farm encounters... All farm tokens only got from group table completions...
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 551
  • Andrew97Andrew97 Member Posts: 8
    What's the point of upgrading Harshel if it doesn't affect his abilities? Chances increase only his abilities, and not the level of the hero himself
  • llewdiskramllewdiskram Member Posts: 3
    This season has been very boring due to the level gated tiles, our team end up not hitting most missions as they don't contribute to the board. We have pretty much given up this season.

    Please do not include level gated requirements for next season or only have a couple on the last two tiers.

    The events have been ok.
  • BarnekovBarnekov Member Posts: 1
    I have looked at the last 5 tiers.
    Ultimate tiers.
    Must say I'm choked to see the lvl recruitment for completing them.
    My group is currently on 21, we will finish it and we are in top 50.
    The tiers further on have lvl 24+ up to lvl 27+ raider bases.
    No matter how hard we fight, we will not be able to do so high numbers.
    That means that only top 10 in the world or the best of the best is able/allowed to complete all tiers in a season.
    I really hope the development is redoing the tiers to make it more fair playing.
    Kind regards
  • Zuko12Zuko12 Member Posts: 10
    I want to add my voice to Al Slayers comments and Barnekov.

    Perhaps the worst experience of the game for ZombicideKillerz this season , Grinding is not fun it does not enthuse and it certainly does not encourage play. 

    First time ever we will not play the next, but final board, but rather we will take a week off, no need to spend any money 

    We truly luv the game, and hope that a more balance less grind driven approach can be found. 
  • LeanniejoLeanniejo Member Posts: 18
    Upper tiers definitely long and grindy....we opted to start over on lower tiers and run through those quick easy fun boards and play events vs finish all 25. Always love double rare and epic weekends 👍🏻 
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