Will we ever get “no-brainer” again?

It’s my favorite shop item.


  • АнунахАнунах Member Posts: 39
    It was the best deal in the shop
  • vicsarkvicsark Member Posts: 32
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 576
    Hi guys! Yes, it will be available again but I am not allowed to share :grimace:

  • ZoliZoli Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I was so happy when I saw today morning that the No-Brainer package is back. Then I click on the contents and I was shocked that you changed the content of the package and it has become a hesitation-of-buy-or-not and ending up with a Nope. I used to buy them, because they were the real no-brainer, 1000 gold, ...etc and this new package contains only 500 gold. A bit of disappointment :neutral:

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