Are we getting level gates again this season?

I think there are a lot of unanswered questions for the coming up season that should be revealed now. The biggest one is level gates. They were gone for over half a year and all of a sudden they are brought back with no heads up. So we need to know if they are going to be around for good now or if they are going to be taken away again. 

This also brings up the issue of forcing players to increase their PPL, ruining their accounts and making their lower heroes and weapons unusable since they had to increase other things just to see higher level missions. This wrecks the game and shouldn't be a part of it. It makes no sense that they were brought back.

This makes recruiting an issue. Back when we had them, teams had to recruit based on PPL as well as activity. Recently it's just been activity. So now top teams don't know how to recruit new players. We won't know until NG puts out those tier charts like they have been doing unless they tell us early. I really hope we don't have another one of  Sam's "experiments" for the community now that Filipe is on vacation. That would really suck. So please let us know if we will have level gates again or not. I mean, it seemed you only put them on to make ONE player level up. And he did. So might as well remove them now.

I see a lot of unanswered posts here in the forum. I don't expect an answer from someone in NG since that seems to be the MO here. But it would be nice to have one.

Here's a GIF of our teammates just waiting for the higher PPL players to finish the boards without them. 

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    NG wouldn’t focus that much time on 1 player. It’s dumb to think level gates are there because of that. If that player has leveled up and we have level gates next season then I guess that will prove you wrong.   :/

    Probably making a video!

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  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
    I really do hope that that the dev’s will reconsider using level gates to the extent that they did this season.  I realize that there are players that have no issues at all with the super high level gates, BUT, I would be willing to bet that the number of players in that boat, in the entire game’s population is less than 3-5%.  As the OP said, its a huge drag for up and coming players to have to sit there while the 3-5% of their group grinds away on those tiles and at a time when veteran players are leaving the game en masse, I really think that it important that everything that can be done to keep ALL your players engaged and contributing, not just the elite 3-5%
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 98
    The level gates were put in because some teams were rotating in level 5 players (who don’t have cool down) to spend all their free Daily energy doing easy missions. 

    It wasn’t that one player who was the issue. 
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
    God forbid....more people get to the end game and get A few extra cards.  It’s not like you get anything extra for finishing first, 2nd, 14th, 99th whatever....
  • VerucaSaltVerucaSalt Member Posts: 2
    I love how all the people who have raised their PPL specifically for level gates want the level gates to stay.  Like the guy in the discord group who says he feels important and needed again after 6 months of feeling otherwise.  Uh, good for you I guess?  I think most of us don't play to feel important, we play to kill stuff and try to beat the game.

    This is the deal - we should not have to level our characters up to complete high-level missions when we know doing so prevents us from completing other missions (namely anything with a leg weapon).  Why is too much to ask that we can level up and be balanced?  
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 98
    Why should a game actively encourage you to not level up your cards? 
  • AsynjaAsynja Member Posts: 31
    I don't mind the level gates per se, but I do think it's wrong that they are so often combined with legendary weapons. We all know upping your PPL makes your legendary more or less useless. So until there is a rebalance for those, I'm just gonna assume NG does this to make us buy grenades?
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    There definitely should be a balance between Leg/Epic/Rare/Common cards, PPL and Level gated missions. There is literally no point having level gates, if it forces half of the guns out of the picture. And it would be so bloody easy to actually buff legendaries (and commons if necessary) and update the calculation of PPL.

    Im naming just few ideas:

    Leg weapons should all have 10-12 mods. The difference between Epic and Legendary guns (let's say Vulture and Condor) is that Vulture has better mods. Pile or Bulldozer - Well I would choose Pile any day of the week if they were at same power. WAR or Patriot - Well here it doesnt make much difference, both are pretty much equal when at same power. Panther or Ocelot - Well, it would be debatable if they were at same power, maybe I would pick up Panther (?) if I had to choose.

    So, if you raise the amount of mods these legendary weapons have, you make them far better (when at same power) than any other gun, just as they should be.  But in addition, you wouldnt raise the actual power that affect PPL, not forcing lower level players raise Legendary weapons over others.

    - Bulldozer gets a couple of "15% more damage against walkers" mods? It makes it deal 30% more damage, which means it would be as powerful as 10 powers higher gun without those 2 mods. Lets up it a bit more and give it one 2 more bullets - thats another ~10% damage increase during any mission.
    - Panther gets a recoil reduction, maybe few "20% more damage against damaged enemies" mods. Again, you have yourself around 35-40% more damage dealing weapon, that beats any other weapon at similar power by far.
    - Condor, well lets give that one more critical strike mod, maybe few reload perks too. Again, you have yourself practically 20-30% more damage dealing weapon that definitely feels "legendary" when compared to it's counterparts at equal power.
    - Warrior Assault Rifle - let's give it a couple shorter reload times, and a couple double damage mods. Now it is actually better than Conquer AR at similar power (yay) and far better than Patriot (even more yay).

    With these simple additions you give people more reason to actually collect a bit more weapon tokens (for a couple of weeks, at least), and you give Legendary Weapons the status of a Legendary weapon, without raising it's power. At equal power compared to Epics, Rares and Commons, these Legendary weapons would be.. Legendary.

    Another easy solution - raise all legendary weapons and heroes power by 2, or 3, with the addition of the additional perks.
    This takes the Legendary cards of the "high and very high" level players from 231 power to almost 250, 255 power to around 270, 280 power to around 300. And if you add the "power increase" of the new mods, which would be somewhere around 30-40% increase in damage, you would be looking at a gun that is at 250 power but is equal to 270 power rare gun, 270 power that is about as strong as 290 power rare gun, or 300 power gun that surpasses 315 power rare gun.

    Combining these few solutions together, even with slightly smaller numbers, would make absolutely huge difference between playing with 255 power Condor against 27-35 infestations and playing with 270+ power Condor with multiple bonus perks against 27-35 infestations.

    If you think about the new legendary and old legendary cards (both heroes and guns), you see that the amount of perks is almost doubled on newest additions. Rick's Silenced Pistol feels as good as 20 power higher epic pistol, Reclaimer feels as good as 20 or even 30 power higher epic shotgun, Morgan AR is insane in terms of utility (insane attack speed and reload) which has a huge upside in few specific situations, compared to Patriot which.. has multiple good-for-nothing perks, the newest Bow/Sniper have so many mods I cant even remember how many they have, and so on..

    And if guns and heroes are to remain untouched, why dont we calculate the PPL from top 2+3 weapon and hero of each type - Leg, Epic, Rare and Common. That way your Legendary and Common cards cant get absolutely trash compared to PPL, but you can always keep one gun and hero of each type upgraded to as high as you want, which also can play part of team strategy to compile teams with different "highest weapons" and in different types too.

    Well, thats just something to think about. I already made a decision to quit the game in the following months if there isn't any balance and any fun in this game - I have already been using my legendary guns over 50% of the whole game time and they have always been the weakest guns in my arsenal for one and half years. I have spent thousands and thousands of grenades just the last season, and not because boards would require so, but because I die if I don't throw at least one each bloody battle. Im max on coins and cannot upgrade anything without raising PPL, which would make my legendaries one step more crap. So there isn't anything for me anymore in this game, except hope for a balance.
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    Looks like they kept them. Would have been nice to know before hand. I wonder if they'll remove them again in the future and make everyone who pushed their PPL up frustrated again.
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