Where are all the slims?

In the current boards, slims are part of two difficult tiles. Strangely enough, however, there are few to be found around any of the players on my team. Why is it that this doesn’t seem to be a coincidence? A number of us have used compasses to roam—I went 6 miles in one direction and six miles in the other—and still, no all slims. 

Why does NG do this to us?


  • We had the same issue. Not a slim to be seen. I dont mind a good challenge, but it seemed a bit ridiculous to me. 
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 477
    Friend of mine down the road who is in a different group but same level who doesn't need slims on the challenges has plenty. Same area and we need them and there are none, Just proves NG purposely make things difficult.
  • taintnuttintaintnuttin Member Posts: 4
    I agree, last round we needed 1800 slims in rescues with epic weapon. O.K. that's a lot, but no big deal except there are none at anybody's home base and everyone burning up their compasses with no avail. Last night it took me 4 compasses to finally find 1 all slim rescue, however I did see 7 all slim encounters and unfortunately it was 3 a.m. and only 4 of us were awake. Anyway, completed it this morning and now they want 4000!?!? Have they bonked their head. That is one every 48 seconds for the next 48 hours solid. If they are going to have quotas like that they need to be a little more forthcoming. We don't mind using/buying compasses and flares, but people are a little reluctant when there is only one thing is needed and they know there is none.

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