Terminus mapping ALL flare

would be nice to use terminus mapping on ALL active flares.You would definitely see Map sales increase, especially the closer you get to the end of a season.


    Hi. I think if you can see the flair in another flair they all reset 
  • sixfivesixfive Member Posts: 19
    Unfortunately they don't
  • LeginmaxLeginmax Member Posts: 34
    yea the map has a big radius if your flares are in range they do refresh all in the area, we sometimes pop three flares in a row and the middle one can refresh all three
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 145
    It would be great if NG could create a new super map that is separate from the one already in the game that you could use which specifically resets all missions in active flares. It would probably cost more and is harder to obtain they the game but definitely something worth looking into.
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