Mini Season AR Feedback Thread


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    Mysteries exist in the TWDOW, I am very intrigued although I’ll never get that far
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    @NG_Filipe @NG_ChickenNugg I don't get it. You said in the original post, that we are only getting skull tokens from tiers 1 to 5. All tiers from 1 to 5 combined are slightly less than 15k tokens (14884 if my math is correct). To get ONLY Morgan Rifle you need 21500 tokens. Full shop is 60k+. How? Mystery boxes should contain thousands of skull tokens each? Or each lvl16+ player should spend approx 220EUR to buy skull tokens? What is the point then to divide the shop for under16 and 16+ if all players are getting the same amount of tokens? Something is really wrong here. 
  • NG_ChickenNuggNG_ChickenNugg Member, Staff Posts: 3
    Hey, so the Skull Tokens are available only from Tiers 1-5 like you said. The Mystery Board gives out different rewards.

    The shop does therefore contain more items for sale than you can earn in the event, so make sure to use your tokens wisely!
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    Why in the world do you give us 84 useless tokens? Seriously. You need to give this more thought. 

    When I saw this I assumed that the mystery boxes would have random amounts of season Tokens in them too. But apparently no. Just two cards max.  
    Rewards are already criminally low for high level players in terms of legendaries compared to the effort we put in. 
  • NG_ChickenNuggNG_ChickenNugg Member, Staff Posts: 3
    Thanks for the detailed feedback @vicsark, I'll make sure the team sees this post. Each time we run the mini-season we're iterating on it, so hopefully next season we can keep the mini-season concept and work to improve on some of those pain points.
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    It is indeed difficult.. can only manage up till Tier 3..
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    Given this is a one week event, the weighting of the tiers is way off.   We have been a top 50 team since day 1 and Champion Board 3 is a joke.  1800 raider bases with Regulator AR- come on!

    If your aim was to burn even more players out and have fewer active - success
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    A few things I would like to see: 
    1. With how energy heavy and incredibly difficult this mini season was, I think having maybe one or two extra days on this would be nice!
    2. Having an extra day or so inbetween seasons to just regroup. 
    3. Making the board close later in the day. It always closes before I can get home from work.

    Thanks :smile:

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