You might be addicted to TWD: Our World if....

DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 645

You might be addicted to TWD: Our World if......

You drop the kids off at school and drive home the long way just so you can flare for your team. 

Share the ways you might know your addicted to TWD:Our World below.


  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 31
    26. You are standing outside and use your hand/fingers to "swipe" around to get a 360 view of your surroundings
  • DeathrowsmokerDeathrowsmoker Member Posts: 20
    When you knock back sex cos u gotta finish that lone wolf
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 31
    28. when you apologize to your team for not being online because you are at a funeral, and you proceed to drop a few flares because you feel guilty
  • muloxmulox Member Posts: 31
    30. You injure your thumb from playing too much and have to have reconstructive surgery (true story from a player!)
  • zoergzoerg Member Posts: 3
    36. You google "how to switch off digital well-being reminders" because your 5h daily on-screen time with TWD is too much to look at... 
  • dotgirl14dotgirl14 Member Posts: 17
    37. The task bar has burned itself into your screen.
  • SierraEchoSierraEcho Member Posts: 56
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    Why I never noticed this thread??
    So much fun.
    I agree to sooooo many of them 🙈🙊

    Its much better since publishing the free roaming but yes I remember the time I found different excuses to leave the house because I needed to reach a Crate or a specific mission 😅

    38. When your kids are too small for the game but they already know pokemon go. So they start asking you "are you playing that pokezombie game?"

    39. When you and your partner too much into the game but you still wanna spend quality time. So you both kinda horny but you tell him to move slowly because you need to complete that epic raider base. And he is not mad about it, moves slowly and cheers you up to finish that base  😂😂😂   Love him much 😍
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 171
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    40.  mmmmm.... 🤔... did I mention Area 51 project.....LOL  😅
    This is hilarious, and scary, because it's funny and true.
  • RageBringerRageBringer Member Posts: 14
    When everyone at your job knows if they can't find you,  you are on the side of the building shooting zombies...

    ... then they come up and say, "Hey when you are done shooting zombies can you [enter work related task]" and then they leave knowing [enter work related task] isn't getting done for at least another 15 minutes....

    ...and the whole time they are speaking, all they hear is *tap**tap**tap* on your screen because you defintely are not speaking to them... you have zombies to kill. 
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