Power Level PPL question

My Power level PPL is 18.7.  I am very guarded with it.  I don't push the boundaries.  I don't attack anything over 20.  Sure seems like most of my encounters, rescues, and infestations are 19.  

I want to up my #1 weapon, a 220 Outlaw, but I don't want the PPL to change. 

Does OW round up your PPL to the next whole number?  


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    PPL is calculated using your #2-4 Heroes and Weapons.  #1 is omitted from the calculation so you can upgrade your highest weapon without effecting your PPL.

    I will say that my PPL is 19.33 and my range of missions is 16-24 with my highest played missions of various types ranging from 20-23.  This seems to work well with my Weapon and Hero Levels 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 536
    Have you downloaded the PPL Calculator located in the OW Community Folder.  Its a great resource to have access to on your own. That way you can adjust the inputs to get a better idea how it will effect your game play. 

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    Here's a quick PPL calculator that is faster. https://powerlevel.twdstats.de/en/index.php

    Also, here's another fan made resource that you can download and save a copy of.


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    Keep in mind that your MAX level is 100% up to you. If you do not do missions above a certain level, you will never get missions more than 1 above that. So for example, if you do not do missions above level 20, then you will only see level 21s as your max. This is true REGARDLESS of your PPL. Your PPL could be 23, but if you've never completed a level 21 mission, that is the highest level you will see. So if your only worry is the max level, upgrading your cards does not impact that. 
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