Half an hour into new season and server issues?!?

AsynjaAsynja Member Posts: 31
So half an hour into new season and half our team can't log in to play?
Really? Do we have to start every season like this?


  • LeanniejoLeanniejo Member Posts: 18
    Yep it’s broke! No one can get in 🤣 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 529
    NG is aware there is an issue and is currently investigating the problem.  Thank you for taking the time to report the issue. 

  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
    Bravo NG.  Once again another stellar start to the season. I’m truly curious about what kind of testing you folks do up there. It truly baffles me that you have a game with such potential, that has been ingrained player base that enjoys playing, But from season to season you still can’t figure out how to get out of your own way. I guess I should look forward with great anticipation to my compensation pack of a flair and 50 energy even though I had five currently up…Thanks again for making sure your stuff works ahead of time I hope your customers don’t Decide to have the same problem with their in game purchases… But maybe that would finally get you guys up off your collective readers and doing something proactive for once instead of reacting to problems that you already created.

    cheers as usual,
    DC Zero
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
    I hope every single person that had a flare active make sure to take the time to send a message to injury to let them know that it needs to be reimbursed and not just the crap compensation crate I’m sure it’s coming of a flare and some energy.....typical, I honestly don’t know why we expect any more.  
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 81
    edited September 2020
    This is more than unacceptable... still can’t get in can’t reflare spots I set... losing spots in rank to those that can get in... we should be past this point of server and game issues 
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 478
    Our group has wasted so many flares.
  • SpurrrSpurrr Member Posts: 4
    Can't get in, so many wasted flares 😔 
  • donselkirkdonselkirk Member Posts: 1
    I have found that turning my device off for a minute  and then turning it back on helps, sometimes. My issue is when the game just randomly closes. I was using a compass and halfway through, the game closed. Tried to get back into the game and couldn’t.
     I’m really hoping that this gets fixed and we get compensated “properly” this time.
    One other thing I have noticed is the game makes it very hard to finish certain challenges. For example: take down heavy walkers in rescue missions. I used 2 compasses and only found one.
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 553
    Hello everyone,

    I will close this topic as the issue has been resolved. You can find more information here:

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