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(All questions not related to the Alexandria Project will be deleted, so please be mindful)

We currently have a new and exciting feature in the works where you’ll have the chance to show that you’re the most skilled Player in Our World!

We’re looking to expand our Alexandria Project to gather more feedback from the community while we develop this feature (and many others!).

Below you will find a short overview of what this program consists of. If after reading this you still have questions, don't hesitate to ask on this thread!

What is the Alexandria Project?

The Alexandria Project is a group of Players who receive early info on upcoming features, updates, Events, Group Boards, etc. This group also helps our development team to guarantee the quality we consider necessary to our game:

  • By participating in the evaluation of new ideas, from the prototype stage to their full completion.

  • Through early access to game versions and features.

  • In helping us headshot each Bug Walker in our way.

Members of this program vary in skill but they are knowledgeable about game mechanics, game economy balance, and have some idea about the wishes and preferences of the larger game community. They give balanced and reasoned feedback in the areas they are involved in.

A member of Alexandria Project should:

Love playing Our World! At the same time, you should have curiosity regarding future updates, which might be disclosed to you from the early stage.

  • Be interested or even versed in game development.

  • Be prepared to deal with all the stimulating challenges this process can offer.

  • Work together with the NG Team to achieve brilliant new features and releases with enthusiasm and an objective eye.

  • Be able to give feedback using information and knowledge of the game.

  • Be eager to become an important part of a friendly, exclusive team; united by common goals and love to take down Walkers.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you can only be part of the Program if you are 18 or older since all the volunteers must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

What are going to be my tasks?

The duties may include:

  • Actively participate and communicate with the Project team.

  • Writing constructive feedback that accurately describes your opinion about new features and contents.

  • Play with early release versions of the game and report any Bug Walkers, then writing accurate reports.

  • Familiarize yourself with the wishes and preferences of the larger OW community.

Are there any in-game benefits or any other kinds of perks?

Being part of this program does not grant a salary nor access to additional in-game resources. The volunteers in the Alexandria Project are driven by the love we all share for Our World. There will be numerous advantages including but not limited to: access to advanced information and/or access to upcoming versions of the game and also the ability to communicate and work closely with some members of the Our World team in an exclusive Research Facility on Slack. There, we will work together to create an even better game. 

How can you be part of the program?

Your application can be submitted through the link located at the end of this thread. Application period is open until Thursday, 22nd of October at noon UTC.

Requirements for candidates

To be considered, candidates should meet some minimum requirements. Your application should be done through the application form. Applications not submitted according to the form or honestly will be automatically rejected. 

  • You are fluent in both spoken and written English.

  • You are 18 years of age or older.

  • You regularly play Our World.

  • You are at least Player level 10.

  • You have the ability to communicate and work with a variety of people of different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities.

Applications that do not meet these requirements will be automatically rejected.   

Experience in writing constructive feedback and bug reports is a huge plus.

You should be able to communicate efficiently and politely through our different communication channels. While evaluating an application, we always check the candidate’s profile for violations of the rules of the game and the forum. A candidate with a negative record will be rejected (we won't reveal nor discuss the nature of the violations).

IMPORTANT: The candidate’s game info shouldn't be changed during the application period. Applications from candidates with wrong account info are not considered!


In the first stage, we will check your application, forum conduct record, reddit conduct record and playing data. If you meet our requirements, you will then be invited to the second stage.

The second stage will be a short, informal interview on Discord or Google Hangouts with one or two Members of the Alexandria Project. The primary purpose of this stage is to perform a basic communication check and introduce you to the program.

If you are still interested, apply to the Alexandria Project here:
DahliaBarnekovPain WalkerCLAMHANDLERAyla_Blu_PirateQueenAldrethGrenadesLoboDeMonta


  • BiemotBiemot Member Posts: 1
    The posibilita that two ir more people un the same Scream, of the group
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
    Hello @Biemot . Yes, players from same group can apply.
  • IronbingoIronbingo Member Posts: 2
    So not seeing a profile url. This is my first post so hopefully find it after this.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 640
    edited October 2020
    Ironbingo said:
    So not seeing a profile url. This is my first post so hopefully find it after this.
    If you are on Desktop click on you profile image/name in the upper right hand side of the Forums. 

    If you are on a mobile phone you can access the url by turning your phone sideways (landscape mode) this will show your profile image/name in the upper right hand side of the Forums. You can also use the "Desktop site" (or similar) feature in your mobile browser to find this.

    It will look like this"username"

  • Georgia004Georgia004 Member Posts: 2
    Can we stay with our groups or will we have to leave and join a different group for this experiment?
  • gurosoguroso Member Posts: 10
    Thanks, but we already spend our hard earned cash playing this game.. Ask your devs who already receive a pay check for their time for suggestions how to improve your game? If you read the forums our job is pretty much done for you, for free.. 
  • zoergzoerg Member Posts: 3
    Can we stay with our groups or will we have to leave and join a different group for this experiment?
    Same question here: does it affect our contribution to the season boards with our regular team? 
  • zoergzoerg Member Posts: 3
    Sounds good @NG_Filipe, thanks for the clarification!

  • 21122112 Member Posts: 3
    A great idea and hopefully will add some community ideas and keep the game fresh for years to come. 
  • SniperQueenSniperQueen Member Posts: 2
    With all due respect according to every reply I've got from customer support you already take our suggestions for in game. That said, I have to agree with @guroso here. A lot of us spend money in game and voluntarily use Reddit for the very reason of this project minus early access. Personally i spend money because of the lack of spawns around me along with a pandemic so going out to play is isnt really smart for a game when risking getting the coof. Its been this way since February. 
    But i will add my 6 cents.....
    You want to make it better and enjoyable?? Listen to what's already being said that has been said since the game launched 😊. I appreciate you adding my suggestions already though some have been missed. Especially gifting within teams. Here are a few examples. Remove ALL caps not just weekly mission rewards, add in game dms, create events that actually make sense for us seasoned players who have every single card, make 4 hr cool down 24hrs to stop the moles, make auto kick time length shorter to 8 days for faster turn around, better variety of packs in shop as well as more in shop during events and stop limiting them suring events, fix already existing packs to reflect flare cost change and compasses, fix team scoring to reflect lack of spawns in the USA, remove auto join team with new players etc. I can go on but this is already long enough and doubt anyone will even pay any attention to it. Thanks anyway for a great game! I enjoy it and have since launch but cards need to be more frequent or changed or something because getting them the first week kills mojo the next 6 weeks. Having a full set is basically like finishing the game. I play only to level up now and its gets boring with the xp amount needed along with cards and the cost to level them up. 500k coins seriously?
    Ok now im done. Stay safe! Wash your hands, don't touch your face and stay away from stupid people. Good luck with this project!
  • Vegas8Vegas8 Member Posts: 3
    Great initiative for Beta testers, ppl are excited about the game.
    Sounds crazy when something new is released be able to tell your group : I contributed to make this better, here's how it was first designed, and we had impact on this or that to make it even more amazing.
    Will definitely be more active on the Forum !
    NG_FilipePain WalkerAyla_Blu_PirateQueenCoreyZek
  • SunEyedGirlSunEyedGirl Member Posts: 2
    I've been playing since a couple weeks after launch and I was definitely interested in doing this. However, with no payment of any kind (a couple in game items would be nice), I don't think I'd want to bother. I do love the game and play daily, but I'm also burnt out and honestly kind of doubtful that anything said by the participants would make that much of an impact on what goes into the game. People are right, we've been telling you guys for years what we want to see added or changed. I'm hopeful this project will have a positive impact on the game, but I'm not holding my breath. 
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
    Hi @guroso, @SniperQueen and @SunEyedGirl. I understand your points and upsets. This is quite a recent project we have been working on with some of you and the feedback received on this project has been great, we have polished multiple things based on these Players perspective and have explained as well what do we want to achieve with it. We have hardcore players in the group as well as casual Players. This Project has being working amazingly, so we have decided to increase the amount of members as we will have a really amazing feature coming up and we want to have extra eyes on it and perspectives.

    We want the game to be enjoyable and fun, and we all have a common goal, make OW the best game there is. This takes time as we are improving multiple things, but we will make it!

    Your past ideas and suggestions have not been forgotten and believe me, the current group doesn't let me forget it either, however, we have to prioritize what can be done at this moment and what needs to be done in the future and how it needs to be done so that everyone loves it.

    Group Gifting, emojis on chat, inbox, safehouses, group bases, etc, none of these have been forgotten and one day we will implement it, however, every feature gets its priority and I really hope you guys love what is coming up! :smiley:
  • totally intrigued and in - app just submitted.  Beware - I talk... a LOT....  and a pirate deff has opinions that shes not afraid to share lol.

  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
    For visibility:
    The first group selected for the second stage has been contacted. Please keep an eye on your private Forum messages.
    CLAMHANDLERPain WalkerGrenadesCoreyZek
  • JustAleXJustAleX Member Posts: 11
    Noooo! I was so excited about getting contacted but haven’t received anything. Will there be for groups of people selected?
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
    Hello @JustAleX. We are progressing by platforms/OS used and then we move to another group.
  • TheWizardTheWizard Member Posts: 7
    Hello, So how & when do we find out if we've actually been accepted into this program. I've been interviewed on Discord but have heard nothing since.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 640
    @TheWizard Filipe will be in touch through the Forums once He has finished with interviews. 
  • bebebebe Member Posts: 3
    Oh man! That moment when you see this to late:(
  • _Jo__Jo_ Member Posts: 9
    Hello...I am not in this project, I have nothing to do with this project, I have signed no NDA with you...why am I banned due to this project? No warning? No questions? Please help me understand

  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 640
    @_Jo_ you would need to reach out to @NG_Filipe in a Direct Message about what ever situation  you are experiencing. 
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 663
    Thank you for everyone who applied to this Project! Everyone who has been accepted has been contacted. 

    Stay safe!
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