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GladiatorGladiator Member Posts: 5
Hi Everyone,
I have noticed that usually, the heroes that are at the same level and have the same type of weapon also have the same damage and health.
However, I realized that is not the case for Beta compared to Tyreese. Is this a bug or is this on purpose? Maybe it has been notified on the forum before but a quick search didn't show me any open topic.



  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 570
    Hello @Gladiator. Not a bug, Beta is a dual melee and also attacks faster than Tyreese.
  • GladiatorGladiator Member Posts: 5
    @NG_Filipe Thanks for your response! I hadn't realized that due to the dual melee, the damage shown was different. So basically, it is 3507 damages per knife if I get it well.
  • Jeronetj3Jeronetj3 Member Posts: 29
    Maybe we can get these attack speed data on the cards descriptions or in the resource data base?
    Perhaps a DPS stat? (Damage per second) this means attack speed and attack power is given as 1 clear stat. The faster attack hero talent, once purchased, should reflect in a DPS boost too. Like legendary Michonne for example. 
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