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DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 578
Based on all of the events we have had over the years and your own understanding of the game what events do you want to see more of?

What ideas do you have for new or reimagined events?


  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 100
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    My favorites are the specific card events such as the Michonne event and the Rosita event.  Being able to unlimited grind one card makes a noticeable difference. But basically anything with unlimited buys is great like the raider event where you could exchange unlimited tokens for guardian or Negan’s SMG.

    i love double card events as well.  

    And of course anything where I have to kill more raiders. Bonus if I can use Ranger :)
  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
    I want to see "buff this legendary card" events.

    I have no desire to collect any other than legendary cards, since I cannot upgrade anything without upping my PPL - which makes legendaries even more crap compared to other cards.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 578
    MaeLDuiN said:
    I want to see "buff this legendary card" events.

    I have no desire to collect any other than legendary cards, since I cannot upgrade anything without upping my PPL - which makes legendaries even more crap compared to other cards.
    Could you share some ideas on events that would "buff this legendary card"

  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
    Dahlia said:
    MaeLDuiN said:
    I want to see "buff this legendary card" events.

    I have no desire to collect any other than legendary cards, since I cannot upgrade anything without upping my PPL - which makes legendaries even more crap compared to other cards.
    Could you share some ideas on events that would "buff this legendary card"

    Sure. Every week have a hero and gun buffed. Create legendary infestations (6 stages, Make them have random but balanced amount of walkers and Whisperers, and dont show which type you are gonna face). give a reward of that specific card and hero, 1 card each for every 25 levels (so a level 26-50 gives 2 weapons 2 Heroes). Make them follow the same level gates as your normal infestations follow (so the same way as farm infs).

    Also, buff that leg weapon and hero by giving it 3-4 more perks and Buff power by 2 per level.

    I would be more than happy with those changes and would bring leg cards up to almost same level as rares and actually make them playable.
  • Fah_QFah_Q Member Posts: 30
    Personally, I think 30 second energy is one of the best events. It helps a lot of players who don't spend a ton on energy. 1 energy infests/raiders would also be awesome. I always like increased chance of legendary cards, I just wish the drop rates were higher on them, it never seems like I get many and I know I play a TON lol. 
    I think an awesome event would be to give us a chance of finding flares or gold in crates. It wouldn't have to be a huge drop rate, but those items are hard to get unless you pay for them...flares drop on board rewards but it's usually more in the beginning tiers. 

    And...double epic cards from any mission that would normally drop epic. Legendary is nice, but my epics tend to lag when I'm constantly getting BIBLES or EARS 🤣...wouldn't double the amount of bibles and ears be great!? Not to forget Walker Terry lol
    JZom said:
    PvP. That’s it. Just give us PvP
    What would PvP even be? How could it be played out exactly? Cards have set levels and power so a my card vrs your card battle isn't really a competition. 

    PvP as tournament style competition? You opt into a pool of a set quantity so NG can fill out as many or as few that want to play each set amount of time? It would basically be board challenges more or less? End of the timer who has most slim headshots or armored grenade kills spelled out in points like the group leader boards but 1 set of challenge categories?

    That would greatly water down the group challenge board player base at the cost of something that seems new but its the same thing just 100% lone wolf.

  • SniperQueenSniperQueen Member Posts: 2
    The only event that i enjoy is double survivor. Or you can just make that the norm since ît takes a few thousand to keep up safehouses level 30+.
    The event going on now is ok though shop packs that are beneficial are limited and should be infinite of we want to play to earn them. I mean pandemic is still a thing so the flare and compass bundle is extremely useful for us non-karens lol and they are the first thing i go for.
    Pvp? How though? Its almost impossible and heavily unfair unless its power based or can be score based and we already have that though single leaderboards we don't. 
  • VlinderVlinder Member Posts: 1
    Dahlia said:
    Based on all of the events we have had over the years and your own understanding of the game what events do you want to see more of?

    What ideas do you have for new or reimagined events?

    We've had it once, legendary encounters, infenstations then never again, that would be cool if that comes back again.

  • TestariTestari Member Posts: 1
    I personally like the card events  - chance of a legendary card.  I also liked the one energy infestations that was really fun too.  I get that there are a lot of people interested in some form of PVP, but all I can see happening with that is that group season boards slowing to a crawl and a complete split of players, i.e. those that do participate in PVP and those who don't.
  • MrGreekMrGreek Member Posts: 2
    One of my favorite best was the "Hero of the Week" where new mods are available for the specific  hero. Rare Carol gained the 10% faster attack, and other mods to other heroes which is now hard to remember. It would be nice for us to see Heroes with new mods.

    Also the Hershels event with the 5-battles infestations were awesome 

  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,172
    Another vote for Double Survivors as my favorite event. And it's coming up at the end of the month! Yay!

    Extended flare times are good too.

    For an event suggestion, what about double rewards from challenge boards? Our guild plays a lot on weekdays, but much less on weekends. But if all challenge rewards unlocked on a weekend were doubled, that would encourage more people to play.

    And I'm not going to complain about an even that gives us more legendary cards... especially if we have some choice as to what those cards are. 
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
    edited October 2020
    Weekend Event: Double Leg and Wildcard Card drop in Bait

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MultiPainproduction
  • Candel65Candel65 Member Posts: 8
    Make the safe houses more interesting. Now there is little incentive to bring the rescues to other safe houses (maybe in densely populated area it is different). I would imagine bringing rescues to any member’s house should bring you bonus for you or your group. 
    Also it might be interesting to have raids on safe houses; be able to “steal” the content of a safe house. 
  • bebebebe Member Posts: 3
    I miss the legendary  encounters events... 
  • AK_SlayerAK_Slayer Member Posts: 30
    I’d like to see legendary weapons encounters done in the style of Hero of the Week. Maybe do one hero and one weapon each week as a standard ongoing thing versus just an event. 

    Also the short events where 60 legendary weapon cards were offered. Loved that! Making the offers unlimited and including epics would make it even better. Were  those called Rush events cuz I liked those. 
    Double epic/rare card weekend is also a favorite but increase dynamic missions like you did during Maggie event. That was super awesome! Two weeks was exhausting (and expensive 😂) but a weekend of increased dynamic missions with double rewards each season would be perfect. 
    I like the increased legendary event but because there are so many legendary cards now and so many needed for upgrade, it really doesn’t put a dent in what is needed. 
    Now that I’ve improved my raiding abilities, can you bring back the Governor’s Outpost for a raiding event? That was previously brutal but I’d like another go at it now 🤪

    if you haven’t guessed legendary and epic cards are desired and very much needed. I don’t need new cards, I just need for my legendaries to not be garbage anymore. Willing to put the extra energy into grinding for the cards, just need a way to do that. 

  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 335
    we haven’t had the legendary card encounters in a very long time. those were nice
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
    With free compasses and increased drop how about increased duration or speed of free roam by 25% weekend event

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MultiPainproduction
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 96
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    @Candel65 I am sorry to disagree with you on being able to steal from another player safe houses.  But there is already very little interest by players in them.  I am probably the only one who still likes them and wish to keep on upgrading them higher and higher for nothing. lol.  But if on top of that other players can come and steal what I have invested so much time and ressources doing.... that will be the end of it.  Nobody will want to put anything in them anymore.  
  • CarnageCarnage Member Posts: 21
    @JZom makes the most valid point here, PvP is the way forwards.
    It was already under early consideration so we know it’s been looked at as an idea so therefore less hassle to implement, it could add some relief to players especially when the window closes, it would be an ideal replacement for mid season break too, I also agree that if everyone resets and starts at the same base level it then becomes a sub game and has no impact on the main game, therefore any investment in your main game are useless within PVP making abandoning that area pointless as it will allow more to be added to that area for those higher level players who have hit their cap on cards, PvP would also entice a whole new playing audience to the game, many players were eager to see it in the early days (we all remember that annoying logo bottom right) and many left when it failed to materialise. So for me PvP is 100% the best way forwards.
  • AdoraAdora Member Posts: 22
    I would love to see more events like this current Negan event where we are able to collect cards with no limit. We might actually be able to start using the leg cards this way. We should also be able to find a wild card (or any leg card)  for beating the special event mission. 
  • DirtyBridgetDirtyBridget Member Posts: 14
    Love the raider event and double epic and rare event! It is an amazing time to beef up your cards. Candy is where it is!!!! Keep the good events like these two coming!!!!!
  • PogMoThoinPogMoThoin Member Posts: 5
    Would like to see the double weapon we hear about months ago. Would also like the hero and weapon tokens for something other than just epic cards. Maybe one token gets 10 rare cards, and 2 tokens get one gold card. But at this point I just want to you fix people logging into my account and stealing my stuff. Has been ongoing for s month and support first tried to blame my phone, then iOS, and they still haven’t fixed it. And the latest go around they block the device they claimed I needed to use to get my account reset and won’t respond 
  • HughJarsolHughJarsol Member Posts: 9
    Can I offer a simple solution for events that would make things a lot easier for everyone. Instead of just making us use daryl to get the dog tokens, you can set it up so that we can use EITHER daryl OR a specific weapon. 

    A simple solution that makes it so that if you’re in a tier that needs lots of other heroes, you can then still collect the tokens by using the weapon instead. 
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