Need beginner help.

Looking for social platforms that offer help in the game like rooms on Line. I’m at the beginning and stuck. It shows me mission 5-4 but I have to complete 5-3 first and it’s not available. What do I do? Do I need to unlock something? Thanks for any help. 


  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,171
    Keep looking. Go to different places. Mission 5-3 will eventually show up. I know it's frustrating when you see the next mission and can't find the first one, but it will be there eventually.
  • АнунахАнунах Member Posts: 39
    Yep, there are 3 options: 
    1. Go for a walk or ride and explore the map
    2. Use compass if you can't go out
    3. Join a group and visit your groupmates' flares (they will take you to another location for a while)
    At some point you will find all missions you need. 

  • Jeronetj3Jeronetj3 Member Posts: 29
    edited October 2020
    Adding to the above,
    4. Use a Terminus Map when you have just finished two story mission within close proximity of each other, you can then do the next two story missions on those spots the previous were on
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